The Big Conversation Mistake 90% Of Men Make!


Flirting can lead to big mistakes. The biggest mistake men make when interacting with beautiful women is talking in a monotonous, emotionless, dull “filling in time” way. While starting conversations with women seems hard enough, it appears even more daunting to keep a interesting, fun conversation going.

Don’t Change Your Behavior

When men hang around with their friends they laugh, make jokes, have fun and don’t take things too seriously. But for some reason, when a man finds himself interested in a beautiful woman, he usually becomes very reserved. He stops laughing. He stops making jokes. He stops teasing. He stops having fun. He stops being flirtatious.

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When in the presence of a potential date, instead of keeping up the friendly vibe he has with his friends, he suddenly becomes boring. He won’t make jokes or laugh with the woman, he won’t play around like he does with his friends, and he takes things way too seriously.

Why do men change their behavior around women? They usually don’t’ even realizing they are doing it. The reason is that men are so afraid of losing their only chance with a particular woman that they turn into “Mr. Serious.” Don’t mistaken this for confidence.

Men get so nervous talking to beautiful women that they lose all creativity and can’t make interesting conversation. Fearful that they might say something rude or challenging, they resort to boring “walking on egg shells” conversations, which results in no emotion.

Remember This Simple Law

While men can tell you that it’s important to not be boring when you try to meet women, they often don’t even realize when they’re doing it.

1. When you fear loosing a woman you become cautious
2. When you’re cautious you become serious
3. When you’re serious you become boring
4. When you’re boring women aren’t attracted
5. When women aren’t attracted you don’t get a date

Men have such a strong “I must have this girl” attitude that the more they have physical attraction to a woman, the more serious and boring they become in their poor attempts to date them.

Don’t Beg Her!

Although films and television strongly encourage the idea of begging women, it doesn’t work. These values are used to evoke emotions for the movie audience, and in people take it to heart and buy into the idea that this behavior will lead to success. It always seems like Mr. Romantic is doing the right thing by standing outside a balcony window every night singing love songs, reading poetry and bringing flowers until his dream girl finally falls in love with him.

While these actions may seem romantic and work in movies, we don’t live in the movies; we live in the real world. Women can smell manipulative men ten miles away and have no respect for their child-like behavior.

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