The Fastest Way to Attract Women: Dating Success REVEALED!


Attract women with one of the fastest methods EVER. Attraction can be a confusing concept for a lot of men who do not know what women want. Men tend to think that what they find attractive is what girls find attractive. Learn the fastest way to attract women right now.

4 Traits That Are Essential For Attracting Women

1. Confidence

By teasing women you’re communicating “I can have you if I want,” and if girls are attracted men with confidence, what could possibly be better than that? Overconfidence. The reason women always pick the bad boys and jerks is because they are cocky and sure of themselves. Arrogance isn’t always a negative characteristic. Think about it. Arrogance means that you’re absolutely certain that you’ll succeed.

2. Leadership

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By teasing women you’re leading the conversation. You’re doing what is known as “taking control of the frame”. By this I mean you tell the woman the “terms and conditions” of the interaction. As explained earlier, physical attraction is only part of the equation. The leadership in your conversation is going to determine whether or not you get the girl.

3. Socially Superiority

By teasing her you communicate that you’re cooler than her. Girls are constantly interpreting everything you do. When you tease them it conveys to them that you have higher standards because you need more than just a pretty face.

4. Mystery

By teasing a woman you confuse her about your real intentions, and that makes her curious to find out what they are. She’s wondering if you really like her. Sure you asked for her for a first date, but then you called her a dork. What’s she suppose to think of that?

How to Act Around Women

If you haven’t noticed already, this formula of how to meet women and building tension is based on two main attitudes. The best way to act around women so they feel attracted is by projecting arrogance and superiority. Every single person has an instinctive need to climb the social ladder. This isn’t something we decided as a “society”, it’s human behavior that has been around for thousands of years.

Similarly, humans (men and women) have a need to climb the social ladder as well, and if somebody offers them a way to climb that ladder, they’ll take it.

1. People only want to hang out with people who are COOLER than they are.

2. People only want to learn from people that are MORE EXPERIENCED than they are.

3. People only want to compete with people that are MORE SKILLED than they are.

It’s a natural part of life to grow, and part of this growing includes  acquiring higher status. The need for high status is often the unconscious reason people do the things they do.

How to Develop the Right Attitude

The natural seducer projects only powerful positive beliefs. This allows him to approach and succeed with beautiful women everywhere without even thinking about it.

After successfully having enough positive experiences to reinforce your mindset, this is the positive belief system you want to develop. These powerful beliefs are the only things that separate success from failure. You must whole-heartedly believe:

Women love sex
Women love me
I have nothing to lose
If she’s not interested, it’s her loss – not mine
There are plenty more women out there anyway

Imagine This: How would you act if you had 200 million dollars in your bank account, 20 beautiful women chasing you all day and an amazing body that other men would kill for?

Walk through the world with this attitude and see how you come across. Even if you are blue in the balls, you must present a challenge and show that you don’t desperately need any woman in order to actually get her. To be successful in sales a man must always project a sense of success, even if he’s not successful. Similarly, if you follow this principle with women, I guarantee you’ll see results.

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