Top 5 Places To Meet A Great Girl


Dating around is easy – but finding the right woman isn’t. It’s easy to strike out and find someone that you THINK is great, only to find out a few dates later that they’re not exactly who you thought they were. You really want to meet a great woman and see where it goes, but where do you begin?

What She Said

  1. Zumba classes
  2. The library
  3. Coffee shop
  4. Grocery store
  5. Happy hour at a wine bar

A Zumba (Or Other Exercise) Class

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Want to get your groove on? Try a Zumba class! That’s where all the fit chicks will be dancing in tight-fitting workout clothes. You’ll stand out in a sea of ladies – and women dig a man with enough balls to enroll in a dance class. Bonus – you’ll be getting in even more shape!

The Library

Meeting a woman at the library is one of the older dating tips, but it’s a good one. It means the woman you have your eye on is probably well read, which can lead to an intellectual connection. While “book smart” might not be number one on your list, think of it this way – most women connect intellectually and emotionally before hitting the sack. Besides, if you’re looking for a girlfriend and not just sex, you’ll be happy knowing you’ve found someone you can talk to.

A Coffee Shop

Ah, coffee shops – the liquid matchmaker of our modern times. Starbucks is probably indirectly responsible for helping create as many babies as they are non-fat vanilla lattes. Hanging at your local caffeine peddler’s place is a great way to read the Sunday paper – and scope out potential dates.

The Grocery Store

Most people are creatures of habit and this is where the grocery store comes in. Given our hectic schedules during the workweek, most folks finding themselves usually doing their food shopping at the same time each week. This give you the opportunity to chat with a crush in the soup aisle until it’s time to make your move and go out on a date.


Once again, bars are more known for one night stands than long-term unions – but there are exceptions to every rule. Hard alcohol usually means “party time,” while a wine bar generally indicates civilized sipping. Meeting up over a glass of wine is a great way to relax and get to know someone. Once again, most creatures of habit tend to frequent the same Happy Hour each week, which gives you the opportunity to get to know someone over repeated run-ins.

What He Said

  1. Educational classes
  2. Fitness classes
  3. Yoga Retreats
  4. Eat, Pray, Lovebook club
  5. Subway

Educational Classes

Chicks dig learning, more so than guys. For women, life is a journey. For men, it’s a destination, so if you’re into learning (or can fake it) you have a natural in with women. One of the best dating tips is to take a class in something you might be interested in or that a woman you’re attracted to might be interested. You’ll be good to go.

Fitness Classes

Men go to the gym. Women go to classes at the gym. Big difference. You’ll see a totally different group of people in those fitness classes than you will walking around the weight room, which by definition is a sausage fest. Go, become a regular and then you’ll get credibility (she’ll think you’re really into that class as opposed to being the creepy guy just going to classes to pick up chicks that you are). Use that credibility to strike up a conversation and boom! You’re in.

A Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats have a pretty standard 90% women to 10% guys ratio. You’re on vacation, her stress, worry and inhibitions are back and home, what happens on retreat stays on retreat…you do the math.

Eat, Pray, Love Book Club

Eat, Pray, Love will get you a woman. Period. I’ll explain, while on a yoga retreat (where I learned the 90/10 rule), every woman was talking about how that book changed their lives (it’s literally a cult, that book), so when I got home I ran to the book store and bought it and started reading it, and carrying around with me so I could sneak in a few pages wherever I went. Women were stopping me left and right. They couldn’t believe I was reading this book (NOTE: you will need to actually read it. It won’t work otherwise, and these women WILL quiz you on it). Buy it, read it, and it’s on.

A Subway Restaurant

Hanging out at a Subway is one of the surprisingly good dating tips that help you meet a woman and see what’s she’s into. If she orders a foot long, let her pass. If she orders the six inch, it’s on! Seriously though, if you’re trying to meet women, set a goal of talking to twenty hot chicks a day and don’t go to sleep until you to. Do that for a week. Pretty soon you’ll see the obvious: hot chicks are everywhere. You don’t have to worry about going to a specific place. It’s always on.

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