Top 5 Ways For A Guy To Hook Up With A Girl


Dating is tough – sometimes you just want to hook up and get some instead of going through the dating process. Here’s five suggestions on how to get a hook up.

What She Said:

  1. Buy her drinks. (The goal is tipsy, not passed out.)
  2. Give her lots of attention and flatter her.
  3. Proposition her directly – she might be so shocked by your honesty that she may take you up on it.
  4. Hit the dance floor at a crowded club and see what happens…
  5. Attend a raging party with the “hook up” goal in mind and start scoping the crowd.

Buy Her Drinks

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Honestly, alcohol is the most common component in a one-night stand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware that alcohol lessens inhibitions. But here is where you absolutely need to pay attention – you’re looking for girl who is getting tipsy because she also WANTS to get laid. This must be mutual. You’re looking for a fun night – you don’t want to add “date rapist” to your resume. Seriously.

Compliment Her

Be clear with your hook up. Have the balls to be a man and act responsibly. If you’re not looking for anything serious, let her know up front. It’s not sexy to take advantage of someone emotionally – it’s gross. The fact that you’re both going to use condoms should be a given – you most likely won’t have time to run out and get an STD panel. This is one night – not something you want to live with for the rest of your life, in virtually all aspects.

Be Confident, Respectful And Honest

What’s the best way to hook up? Be confident, be respectful and be honest. If you can’t be any of those things, please do women of the world a favor and masturbate at home with some lotion and this month’s Playboy.

What He Said

  1. Great chocolate
  2. Hang out at male strip clubs/gay bars
  3. Hook up websites
  4. Bars, bars, bars
  5. Honesty

Chocolate Is The Female Viagra

Great chocolate is female Viagra. Period. End of story. All you need to do is find out whether she likes light or dark and then seek out the best, most expensive and amazing chocolatier in your city. Get her a piece or two. Hand it to her and insist she eat it there right in front of you. Watch the look on her face (that’s the face of her having a food orgasm for those of you keeping score at home), then just try not to fuck up the rest of the date until you get home that night, assuming there is a rest of the date after that.

Frequent Gay Bars

I have a friend who is hugely successful hooking up with chicks and he only goes to gay bars and male strip clubs. Why? Do the words “shooting fish in a barrel” mean anything to you? Women love gay bars because they feel safe, their guards are down, but they’re also going to get drunk and horny, and a Chippendale dancer is man’s best friend. Those women will lose their minds over those hard bodies and then they’ll want something else hard and you’ll be there to give it to them.

There are a plethora of adult websites, such as Adult Friend Finder. Put up a profile and go to town.

Bars in general are where girls go to hook up, go there, and do a lap. On that lap, make eye contact with every girl. If they break away, don’t bother. If they keep eye contact, it’s on.

Be Honest With Her

Chicks dig honesty. If you tell her straight up you just want some ass, you’re giving her the gift of choice. She can take it or leave it, but there’s no illusions about what the choices are. She will like that. That may mean she likes your brains out or not. But put it out there. It’s her choice.

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