Top Things Women Do To Screw Up A First Date


Men and women are definitely equal in one way; both have an infinite capacity to screw up the first date! Embarrassing moments are far from gender specific and both men and women can make huge mistakes on the first date. So, without further ado, here’re the ladies’ top ways to ensure she never sees her crush again.

She said:

Being Clingy

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Acting clingy is a HUGE no-no, whether it’s the first date or the hundredth. Embrace your confidence, not your fear.

Being On Your Cell Phone

Same cell phone etiquette goes here. Calling your best friend in the middle of a date won’t get you support – it will likely get you in trouble after your date overhears every word.

Not Keeping Cash On Hand

Despite my previous advice, do have some cash in your wallet. It’ll save an awkward situation if the “who’s paying” agreement hasn’t been sussed out in advance. You know what they say about assuming.

Being Fake

Don’t put on the “I’m perfect” act. We all know you’re human. The guy you’re seeing should be falling for you, not a facsimile of whom you think he wants to see.

Talking Too Much

There’s plenty of time to get to know each other, if all goes well. It’s really difficult to bounce back from verbal diarrhea, as the unpleasant name implies.

Flirting With Another Guy

Flirting with another guy while you’re out on a date is not cool – even if said date isn’t going well. It’s not in good form, period. You’ll come across as rude, a game-player, or both.

Acting Like You’re In A Relationship With Your Date

Don’t act like you’re already in a relationship. Slow your roll, honey! You don’t need to play games, but don’t go picking out China patterns either.

Being Late

If you’re meeting at an agreed-upon location, don’t be late. You’re playing into a stereotype, as well as wasting someone’s time.

Being Rude

Smiles, everyone! Whether it’s a match made in heaven, or less chemistry than a turkey in a freezer, manners still count. If your companion for the evening isn’t your dream guy, you can still be graceful about it.


Lying about your age or your career? Don’t. Save the padding for resumes and bras. If you get serious about each other, your guy will find out – and he may question what else you aren’t telling the truth about. Who wants to be branded a liar?

He said:

Forcing It

You know what you want. A boyfriend/husband/knight in shining armor/whatever. You tell your perspective partner this. A lot. He’s going to get turned off fast. Let him know where you’re at, but don’t beat him over the head with it. Don’t think you’re his girlfriend until he says so. Period.

Seeming Interested When You Know You’re Not

If you’re into him, great. If not, don’t waste his (or your) time. Go into the date with a time constraint. No first date should last longer than thirty minutes. You’ll know in the first thirty seconds if you like him or not. If you want to stay past the allotted time frame, great! Then do so, but put one in place prior to showing up, show you both can eject if it’s not happening.

False Advertising

If you’re a small chested girl, show it. If you’re a large chested girl, show it. There’s nothing wrong with either, but I should know which I’m dealing with before I get the shirt off. This goes to all aspects of who you are. If you want someone who will love you for whom you are, you’d better start of by showing him who that is and seeing if he’s interested. If he’s not, move on.

Looking For A Road Map

If you ever find yourself wondering “where is this relationship going?” that’s a bad sign. The truth? You know where it’s going, you’re just not happy with it. Love isn’t something you question. It’s something you know. Asking for a sign is in fact a sign. Not a good one.

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