Weird Flirting Games That WILL Get Her Attention!


Flirting doesn’t have to be cliche – strange and off the wall flirting techniques are almost always more successful! A great way to trigger a flirtatious interaction is to engage women in a fun game. Games are great because you don’t need any specific situation to get the ball rolling.

Simply be creative and go with it. While this trigger can be used anywhere, it tends to get the best results in clubs and bars where women are already in a “pick up” environment. For example I wouldn’t use this technique on a woman you’ve just met at the supermarket.

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Step 1: Pick two guys that have very average looks (guys that a woman would never choose based only on physical looks), or find men who have really low self-esteem and poor body language.

Step 2: Tell the woman you’re playing a game and point out the two men.

Step 3: Say, “If you had to choose, which of those two guys would you have sex with?”

NOTE: A common response is “Can I say none?” Of course you say no, and ask again which would be her choice if she had to choose. It’s just the rules of the game.

Most men don’t understand why you would try and play match-maker with a woman you’re interested in and another man, because they don’t realize two very important things.

  1. You are proving you really don’t need her, projecting your independence as a masculine man.
  2. You’re having fun. All people want to have fun so make sure the woman associates fun with you. Tease, flirt and accuse all you want. You can do what you want, you’re a masculine man remember?

Predict Her Future

Ask for her hand and tell her something silly about her future. Say, “Do you want to know your future?” If she agrees, grab her hand and in a disappointing voice tell her that she’ll be one of those construction workers that hold a “stop/slow” sign 8 hours a day for the rest of her life.”

Alternatively, you can ask for her hand and then say, “Oh… no!” and give her hand back. After her curiosity has been stirred up, say things like, “I don’t think I can be seen with you anymore” then reveal her future if you want.

Pickup Lines Game

Step 1: Tell her how pathetic pick up lines are.

Women always agree with this statement and you quickly build trust.

Step 2: Start an exciting conversation about lame guys that have approached her.

From here you can ask the woman the worst pickup lines that have been used on her or her friends. This will transition into many funny, flirty and emotional conversations.

  • Talk about guys that have said funny lines
  • Strange stories that she can remember
  • Weird and pathetic guys that have approached her
  • Funny things guys have said

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