What To Do When He Doesn’t Call After Your First Date… What Happened?


Almost every woman has been on a first date where the man didn’t call back afterwards, even if he said he would.It can be frustrating and even embarrassing, but it’s really very normal.

As a woman who hasn’t been called by your date, especially if you’re really interested in the guy, what can you do?


Going On With Your Life

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If you’ve been on a first date with a really great guy and everything seemed to work out great, you might wonder whey he’s not calling you back. It’s important that you don’t obsess about it! Let it go and move on with your life.

You might think that it’s a lost opportunity or you might wonder what it was about you that he didn’t like, and you might be tempted to call him and find out why. Don’t! There are several reasons why he might not have called.

He might have lost your number – really. If he did and he really did like you, he’ll find a way to track you down. He might have had some kind of crisis, or he might be transitioning out of a relationship to make room for you in his life.

Or he might not have liked you. Whatever his reasons are for not calling back, you’re going to have to accept them even if you don’t know exactly what they are. If you call back, asking why he didn’t call, you’re definitely going to look like a psycho stalker woman. Just be cool, calm and collected about it and move on with your life, even going on dates with other men.

The Second Chance

If you didn’t like the guy all that much and he doesn’t call back, it’s really no big deal. If you did, however, really enjoy the time you spent with him, it’s a little more difficult to deal with if he doesn’t call back. You might get a second chance though!

Never Ask Why!

If your date returns your call two weeks or even a month later, never ask why he didn’t call. That will end it right then and there. Just be glad to hear from him! Act like no time has passed at all since the first date and the telephone call.

If you’re cool about the phone call, you’re going to change his first impression of you and probably make him wish he had called you sooner. Don’t make him regret calling you again at all.

This is the same as if you run into him somewhere, such as at the grocery store or a bookstore, even if he’s with another girl! Show him that it’s really no skin off your nose and that you’re pleased to see him.  You might end up getting a call after that!

Maneuvering yourself within the dating world can be difficult. There are a ton of great guys out there, but the pressure is on, right? Wrong! Take the pressure off yourself, no matter how old you are or how good looking you are.

When women feel that the pressure is on to find a steady relationship, they get a little crazy and even the best of women can turn into someone a man never wants to go on a date with again. Just take the pressure off, relax and have fun! That’s what dating is all about.

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