What You Need To Find Out On The First Date


The first date is a critical time to find out certain things about the guy you’re with to determine whether you want to keep dating him or not.

You’ve got yourself a hot date with a new potential romantic partner. You’re all excited, and you’re really looking forward to it, but now what? What do you need to find out on the first date?

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The only thing you need to find out is:

  1. Does he worship Satan?
  2. Is he married?
  3. Does he have a warrant out for his arrest?

Other then those 3 topics, you should not be worried about finding things out about a guy on a first date, all the details will fall into place. There should not be questions you think you should ask or a mental check list of what you hope he will say. First dates are all about having fun and getting to know someone!

If it is super important for you to find certain things out about him before you even consider continuing on the first date let a lone having a second date then here are some general things that you should find out.

Is He A Good Kisser?

Ok, so maybe you will have to wait till the end of the date to find this out, but a lot can be discovered in the way he kisses you. Starting with who makes the first move to kiss. Does he very nervously try to lean in? Does he grab you and push you gently up against a wall? Does he peck you on the cheek like you’re his sister? Then you need to find out how he kisses you and how you two kiss together. Is it sloppy? Pokey tongue? No tongue? Do you guys find your groove? The best kisses are the ones where the two people are able to adapt to each other and sort of let their tongues dances. If he is a good kisser first time around, imagine how good he will be in bed!

Is He Nice To Waiters/Waitresses?

This is pretty self explanatory. If he is a dick to others when he is trying to impress you, he’s going to someday be a dick to you. I am not saying that he needs to overly tip or make a big deal but seeing how he treats people that are basically working for you, is a huge insight to how he treats people on a day to day basis. This could also go the other way, is he is flirting with the waitress or gives her his number then this guy is a jerk.

Does He Listen To You?

First dates are all about getting to know the other person and also about trying to impress them. There is a fine line between listening to the other person and preparing something great to say. If he is so in his head that he is worried about what he will say next that he doesn’t even hear what you are saying then this guy blows.

Did You End The Date Still Hungry?

Not hungry for food, hungry for more of him! And not sexual, I mean hungry to learn more about him, to spend more time with him. Oh, ok and maybe a little naked mattress dancing. But if you ended the date and found that you wanted more, that is awesome!

These 4 points that I talked about are pretty general but I hope you get the idea. You could spend the date wondering if he is the one and building up your expectations but then you are just going to be disappointed. Instead, have fun and get to know the guy. Listen to your heart and your gut. If you feel a spark then plan a second date or invite him up for a cup of sex…err…coffee.

What He Said About The First Date:

The main thing you want to find out on a first date is whether or not you want a second one. It’s really that simple. How do you do that? The first test is simple chemistry. When you look in their eyes, do you feel a tingling in your naughty places? That’s most important. If you don’t look at them and think it would be fun to get naked with them, why bother with the rest?

This brings you to the second thing you need to consider on your first date. My rule of thumb is if you don’t want to be around them when their clothes are on, then you shouldn’t take their clothes off. No one is saying you need to be face to face with your soulmate before you do it, but you should at least like them and run a little background check in your mind. I don’t mean an actual background check, but simply run them up against your list of “must haves” and “deal breakers.” If they pass this check, then see if they have any of your “nice to haves.” If they do, score!

I also say no first date should last longer than an hour, ideally 30 minutes. Why? Because you’re going to know whether or not you want a second date, almost right away. If you don’t want to see them again, why drag it out?

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