Why Confidence & Eye Contact Will Make Or BREAK Your Date


Confidence is one of the most important aspects of dating. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a first date or a fifth, maintaining great confidence and eye contact with your date shows that you are interested in what they are saying and that you are listening. While eye contact is not going to replace the actual words that you say to her during the date, it can have a negative impact if you’re constantly looking away as she is trying to tell you something or as you are talking to her.

Talking to a girl you find attractive can be intimidating. Maintaining eye contact through your intimidation is vital to keeping her interest in you as a potential date. Here are a couple of dating tips as to why you should maintain eye contact throughout each date.

Earn Her Trust

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Trust can be a big issue with women when they are with a guy that is constantly looking all over the room. There is nothing more obvious than a guy who will not look you in the eyes when you are talking to him. In order for the girl to gain your trust look her in the eye whenever she is asking you a question or whenever you are delivering an answer. If you do not look her in the eye as she is asking you a question she will probably think that you’re not listening.

If she thinks that you are not listening then you are not going to get a second date. If you do not look her in the eye as you ask a question, she might pick up on your nervousness and brush you off as insecure, ruining your first date. Looking her in the eye is one of the best dating tips that you can get.

Do Not Stare At Her

Just because we say that you should look her in the eye does not mean you should stare down your date at a serial killer. When she’s asking you a question you want to look her in the eye, however, the last thing you want to do is focus too much on your eye contact and forget to actually listen to what she’s saying. Listen to what she’s saying and have animation in your face while she’s telling you her story or about how her day was. If she’s telling you something funny be sure and give her a smile, but don’t break the eye contact.

Don’t Look Down

Looking down as one of the telltale signs that you are either not interested in her or you are too insecure to look her in the eye whenever she is talking. One of the hardest things to do is to keep from looking down if you run into an awkward spot in the conversation. All singles hit a couple of speed bumps along the way, but you should maintain eye contact instead of looking down and leaving her hanging.

While she is telling you a story, take mental notes so you can refer back to the information and ask more questions about the topic. If you are having dinner with her, it’s only natural to look down at your plate and your food but do this in a natural manner instead of in a reactive manner when the conversation goes silent.

Use Your Eye Language

Yes, there is a language that you can speak with your eyes. Your eyes are going to tell your date what you think about her. While you can lie with your words, your eyes and your facial expressions can often be deciphered by any date. Before you go out on your dates stand in front of a mirror and have a quick conversation with yourself.

Ask yourself what you did today and then answer the question with a  lie. You should be able to notice lines across your forehead and that your eyes open a little more. Now recall a funny situation that you were in and laugh. Take notice of your eyes as you laugh and you should be able to see the difference.

The language that your eyes speak whenever you are lying is very distinctive. Have confidence in yourself and make sure that you are not lying to your dates or they will notice via your eye language. Also make sure that you’re not over-animating whenever you think something that is funny.

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