Be A Flirting Expert With These Easy Tips


Flirting doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, with some practice, it can come as naturally to you as it does to the guys who always seem to be so good with women. Stop choking on your words in front of women and be smooth with these super simple flirting tips!


Have Fun And Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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The ultimate key to flirting is to remember to relax, have fun and to not take yourself too seriously. If you’re stressed out and worried about flubbing your ” pick up lines,” you are going to flub up your lines. If you relax, take a deep breath and focus on just creating a great conversation with a girl without “lines,” you might actually have a shot.

Also, you want to adjust your tone of voice and your laughter to appear more fun and approachable. Don’t speak in a monotone voice – instead, be optimistic and let it show through in the way you speak. Also get more comfortable with laughing on demand. It may seem awkward at first when you’re still learning how to be in social situations, but it will eventually become second nature. The thing is, as you relax and learn to have fun naturally in dating situations, these things will come to you with less and less effort.

Remember to keep open body language so you look and feel approachable to women. Your body language speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth to say a word. If you’re standing over in the corner with your arms crossed, not a single girl is going to approach you to ask if you want to dance, what your name is or anything else. Make sure your body language says that you want to be approached!

Add Gentle Touching

Gentle touching is a great way to take flirting to the next level if the girl you’re talking to is receptive to it, and if you do it right. This is not manhandling – you don’t want to grab her roughly or take her by surprise with your touch in any way. Lightly touching her arm at the right time will send shivers down her spine, and brushing her hair out of her face while she’s laughing will get her making deep eye contact with you.

Think of flirting as a game of tennis – you hit the ball, and then it’s in their court. It’s time for them to hit the ball back. This is how that fun, witty banter escalates, and you definitely want to get that witty banter going. A little teasing, a smile and some light touching gets her interested and gets you in her personal space, which is where you want to be. If she’s comfortable with you in her space, you can take flirting even further.

Get A Phone Number

You often don’t have a lot of time to ask a girl out – you might only have a lull in between songs when the band is taking a break, or her girlfriends may pull her away to dance or go do something else. If you want her phone number, you’re going to have to ask for it and soon. So as soon as you feel that chemistry building, ask for the number! Ask if you can text her (girls are more willing to give their numbers out if they think you’re going to text them before calling) or at the very least, see if you can look her up on Facebook. When that chemistry starts building, you want to lock in that phone number or a way to contact her before you lose your chance.

How To Start The Conversation

Starting a conversation with a girl can be intimidating – it takes a lot of confidence and self esteem to approach someone and start talking to them, especially if you don’t know them very well or at all. Here are some things you can say to get that conversation started:

“Wow! You are so confident! Where does that come from?”

“You seem so passionate! What is it that motivates you?”

You can also introduce yourself and ask her name, but don’t get stuck on it. A lot of girls are very leery about giving their names out up front and honestly, the name doesn’t even really matter unless you’ve got that connection going. Wait until you hit it off to ask her who she is.

Remember That Less Is More

Jumping right into flirting may not be your best bet. Girls are receptive to different things at different times. Depending on how she feels or what is going on around her, she may not be receptive to strong flirting right away. Judging a situation and whether a girl will be receptive to your approach or not will come with time and practice – you may not be able to tell very well when you first start playing the dating game, but as you do it more and more often, you’ll get a knack for feeling it out.

While it’s fun to take risks and play the dating game, you also want to take your time with it. Don’t rush through it. Enjoy the flirting phase and enjoy feeling the chemistry build. If you rush through the process, you may get to kiss her or even more, but you can’t ever go back to that fun flirting phase where everything feels new. So take your time with it, relax and have fun!

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