How To Learn To Flirt Easily


Learning to flirt can be easy when you look at the examples that other guys who are good at it have set. Here are some great ways to learn to flirt easily!

While it can be great to start off by using pick up lines, you want to eventually develop your own style. Here are some other ways to learn how to talk to women that work.

Irresistible Film Legends

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Films can portray false realities that would never happen in real life, but there are some movies where men are doing exactly the right things to attract women. Here’s just a sample of the films you can check out to see men who know how to flirt with women.

The James Bond Series – Pierce Bronson, Sean Connery

Don Juan DeMarco – Johnny Depp

Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom – Harrison Ford

Big Personalities

Often times, telling men to just be normal isn’t enough. To the average shy man the term “normal” can mean staying home and playing video games. To “be normal” or to “be yourself” isn’t the right advice. We want men to develop big personalities.

Women are attracted to spontaneous, unpredictable, mysterious, funny and interesting men. While it’s virtually impossible to list certain qualities and expect men to act accordingly, it is possible to provide some places to help develop these qualities naturally.

Drama Groups

Drama students and actors alike are an interesting bunch. They possess most of the qualities above, including confidence. Joining a drama group that gets together regularly does wonders for a man’s confidence, if he can build up the courage to start.

It may seem silly and strange because it’s not within your comfort zone, but then again neither is talking to women. If you want more self-confidence, sign up for a theatre group today and let the actors’ optimism and quick-wit brush off onto you. Really consider looking up drama classes, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

Popular Hosts

Television and radio hosts are paid for their big personalities. Next time you listen to live radio or live TV shows, pay attention to the attitudes, expressions and tone of voice of the host, rather than what they actually say. The reason for listening and watching live broadcasts is because these people need to think on the spot; they naturally have these high social skills.

Watch Real Guys Flirt!

Although the above methods can help, there is nothing better than watching guys in the real world talking to women. While reading information gives you a better understanding, nothing can take the place of real experience. Here are some of the best ways to start observing other experts.


If any of your friends are great at dating and attracting women, watch them carefully from now on. Watch what they say and how the women react. Go out with them to clubs and bars, parties and social events. If they have girlfriends, watch how they interact together. You’ll notice a lot of their behavior is similar to what you’ve just learned.

Guys In Bars And Clubs

If none of your friends are successful with women, then watch guys in bars and clubs. While it might be difficult to listen in on their conversations, watch the body language these men present while they walk through the clubs. Watch how they interact with women and how the women react. How do you find the most successful men in the club?

Look for men that are already talking to women. Most men never even build up the nerve to approach a single woman the entire night. Men who start conversations effortlessly are the men you want to watch. Also look for self-confident men who have strong posture, direct eye contact and calm movements.

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