How To Use Flirting To Create Sexual Tension


Flirting is the most powerful way to engage someone – but what if you want to take it one step further? Here’s how to use flirting to make things sexy.

Use Reverse Psychology

One of the most powerful ways you can attract women is by playfully rejecting them. What’s your instant reaction when someone tries to sell you something on the phone? You reject them. Dating is similar.

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If you really want the woman to “make the move” and be naturally drawn towards you, then psychologically push her away.

Turning down a woman is the icing on the cake, the finishing touch to your flirting, that locks in her decision to be with you. While this form of flirting can be done early on, you need a decent amount of flirting and teasing before these techniques become effective.

FACT: People don’t reject ideas that they perceive to be their own.

The keyword here is “perceive.” Curiosity makes women think, and the more that they think about you, the more they believe they must want you.

The best way to come up with your own rejection comments is to “put yourself in her shoes” and think like she does.

For example, you might say:

“No funny business! I don’t even know you yet”

“No hanky panky.”

If she wasn’t thinking about sex with you, she will be after this statement. That’s not to say she’ll actually want to have sex with you, but all you want to do at this point is get the idea in her head.

When To Use Sexy Flirting

At Your House

These are great lines to say when you walk in the door together from a date, or after she arrives for a date at your place. Think about it. How many guys do you think she’s heard even say this? This would baffle most women straight away. It tells her that you have standards, and aren’t just looking for sex. It also tells her that you aren’t that easily impressed.

When She Gets Touchy With You 

When a woman touches your arm, leg, or any part of your body, you can say these lines and they work great. This makes the woman look like she’s being sexually aggressive.

After You’ve Piqued Her Curiosity

This is after you’ve asked a question that she wants the answer to. Slowly move away and as she tries to grab you and keep you still.

Once this has happened, a window of opportunity has opened up for you. Now continue to tease the woman about her sexually aggressive behavior.

You might say something like:

“You just want me for my body.”

“I’m not just some piece of meat you can have your way with.”

“I have feelings too you know.”

“Geez, women only want one thing.”

“I need to be careful around you.”

“I’m watching you.”

“When will women ever learn.”

“I’d prefer it if we just TALKED.”

“I may just have to get a restraining order on you.”

“For all I know, you could be a stalker!”

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