3 Rude Things To Say To A Woman You Just Met


When flirting, do you have to compliment a woman you just met to successfully get a date? Not always. Do you think jerks, bad boys or the other guys she falls for tell her how beautiful and perfect she is?

They catch her attention by saying something “out of left field.” Sometimes it’s even downright RUDE! And in this article, you’ll discover three of these “Rude” things you can say to a woman to grab her full attention.

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You’ll find out how to follow them up with a compliment or just small talk to win her heart. And you’ll be able to walk right up to a beautiful woman, grab her full attention in two sentences and be just one step away from getting her phone number. (Especially if you know her already)

Here’s exactly what you gotta say:

“Whoa. You Can’t Just Do That…”

Guaranteed to stop a woman in her tracks. You’d say this to a woman you see on the street, or sit next to on the subway, or even a woman you see shopping for clothes at the mall. You can use this flirting technique on women who are working, or women you work with. Even with college students or women you see everyday. The “trick” here is to follow it up with a compliment about something she’s doing. For example:

  • “Whoa. You can’t just do that.” “What?” “When you walk in here smiling like that, I lose my whole train of thought”
  • “Whoa. You can’t just do that.” “What?” “Your smile is too pretty to walk right by me without saying hi.”
  • “Whoa. You can’t just do that.” “What?” “Something about your energy is messing with me. I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

You get the idea, right? Of course – you’re catching her attention with a kind of rude sentence, then flipping it around to a positive compliment. You’ll have her full attention and the SURPRISE sexual attraction she gets when she meets someone truly charming.

“I Can’t Believe You Just Did That!”

You want to use this one after she DOES something. Your goal here is to make her think, “Wait. Did I just do something embarrassing or wrong?” And it’s OK to make her think this because you’re about to make her feel good with a compliment.

Here are some examples:

  • “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Did what?” “The way you looked at me made my heart skip a few beats. What’s your name?”
  • “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Did what?” “Walked right by me without apologizing.” “For what?” “For having such a great smile, I forgot everything I was thinking about.”
  • “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Did what?” “The way you move has almost a hypnotizing effect. And for a split second, every single person in this room was looking at you. What’s your name?”

And this time, we added a second step to the pick up line. Sometimes, this step was to ask her for her name. (This lets you transition into small talk easier) And once, you made the tension even greater, by adding another “rude” statement in the middle.

Now you’re starting to see how powerful this type of flirting really is.

“Are You Seriously Going To Do That?”

You know the drill by now – make her freeze up, then give her a compliment. So let’s see how you’d use this “rude” statement:

  • “Are you seriously going to do that?” “Do what?” “Walk right by me without saying hi.” (This one should be done with a smile and a playful, flirting attitude.
  • “Are you seriously going to do that?” “Do what?” “Walk right by me without saying hi.” She laughs “What’s your name?”

In this example, you “evolve” one of these rude statements into a conversation.

First, it’s just the “rude” statement and a teasing compliment. (This is like flirting, or bantering with her.)

Second, you ask “What’s your name?” to add some small talk. Third, you tell her your name, and then ask her what she’s up to. This way, you get her name (she’ll tell you because you told her) and you’re on a better small talk conversation.

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