5 Awkward Ways To Flirt With A Woman


Have you ever felt “awkward” flirting with a girl you like? Maybe you felt like you said the wrong thing at the wrong time – or maybe, you couldn’t think of anything to say, at all!

Bad news is, you’ll probably be in that situation AGAIN, if it’s happened to you, once. Trust me, I’m an expert on these kind situations. Until ten years ago, every single second of my life was a strange situation. That’s why I discovered 5 things I could do to use my quirkiness when flirting with women I liked.

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And in this article, you’ll discover 5  tips to flirt with a woman YOU like. You’ll discover how to turn your mind going “blank” into a real asset, and you’ll become miles more attractive to the women you like, without doing any extra work, yourself.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.

Send Her A Stuffed Animal

No, not after you’ve started dating. That’s way too smooth. Instead, you’re going to send her a stuffed animal after your very first date. Or maybe before your first date!

Here’s exactly, step by step, the tricks to making this flirt work:

  1. Somehow talk about how she wants a puppy or kitten (Hint: Every single girl alive has some sort of desire for a puppy or a kitten, even if it’s just for the future)
  2. Get her to name it.
  3. Buy a stuffed puppy or kitten.
  4. Give it a collar with X name.
  5. Give it to her, next time you hang out.

You’ll earn MASSIVE flirting points. Here’s why it works: Not only did you remember exactly what she said (you used her name, to prove you were listening) but also, you took time out for romance.

If this doesn’t melt your woman’s heart, her heart is made of ice.

Have A Friend Tell Her You Like Her

Welcome to the fourth grade again. Please take a seat.

So you want to be a little quirky and still be good at flirting with women, huh? This is about as weird as it gets: Making your friend ask the girl you like whether she likes you or not.

The trick here is the timing. And if you get this right, you can practically guarantee she’s going to fall in love with you.

  1. Wait until the answer is “Yes.” This usually means waiting until after you two have sex a few times.
  2. REMEMBER: There’s no reason to stop flirting with your partner, after sex.
  3. Have your friend ask a funny, but easy question. “My friend wants to know if you think he’s cute” comes to mind.
  4. When he asks, be right there, standing on the other side of the room.

She’ll look at you, you’ll look back, and she’ll laugh hysterically. And you’ve successfully turned a VERY odd technique into a very successful way to flirt with a lady.

Now, you’re going to start to get a little more devious….

Make Fun Of Her

What’s the most strange way to flirt with a girl? Ruthlessly making fun of her, of course! We used to do it when we were children – in adults, it’s commonly known as “Jersey Shore Syndrome” and It’s one of the BEST things you can do to tease and flirt with a lady you just met.

Here are the three things you MUST keep in mind, to successfully make fun of someone you like:

  1. Don’t pull your punches. Make sure you really make it silly. If she’s reading a comic book, say, “I can see you’ve got great taste in literature.”
  2. Do it all serious. Straight face. Eye contact. Just a HINT of a smile. You really want her to buy it.
  3. Play the waiting game. She’s gonna try to test you, by taking a few seconds to laugh, herself. Count to three in your head and then you can start to smile.

She’ll smile along with you, then laugh along with you, and most of the time, a joke like this will get you a laugh and a pat on the arm. You know what it means when she laughs AND touches you, right? It means she’s flirting with you! Mission accomplished.

Dress Up And Play Pretend Together

Imagine walking up to a woman and asking her, “Would you like to play dolls with me?” That’s the definition of a weird moment. Yet, playing pretend and acting out fantasies with a woman you’re dating is a sure-fire way to win her heart.

So what’s the difference? And how do you make role-playing an “adult” game? Here are the secrets:

  1. Don’t ask her to play along. Just start fantasizing with her. For example, if you both see a great travel poster or advertisement, turn to her and say: “Baby, I’m so glad you’re here on vacation with me in ”
  2. She’ll either play along, or not quite get it yet. If she doesn’t play along, just keep with it. You want to treat her like she’s missing out on an inside joke.
  3. When she picks it up, keep on role playing together. You do this by acting like you’re somewhere else, together. So simply describe what you see, feel and feel like.

Want to know a dirty trick? A trick to make your role playing make her fall in a whole ‘nother level of love for you? Role play as if you two are “old lovers,” finally meeting after a long time apart. So pretend you were childhood sweethearts who lost each other, but finally got back together.

You can do this by simply acting “as if.” Imagine what you would do if you were on a vacation with a long lost lover of your own, then simply act it out.

Women can’t get enough of this stuff. And the men she knows don’t do it, EVER.

Let Her Win – And Embarrass Her For It!

Not only should you let her win at pool, or whatever other game you two are playing together, you should let her win – and make sure she knows it!

Because there’s nothing crazier than saying, “Yeah, you won because I let you win” unless it’s actually the truth.

Here’s how to pull this flirting move off:

  1. Pick a game where skill – not luck – is what you need to win. Pool comes to mind, because it’s physical, you can tease her by messing with her balls, etc.
  2. Make sure you’re better than her at the game.
  3. Win until the very last ball. Hopefully, by now, you’ll have a few ball lead, and then…
  4. Blow it all. Jokingly miss shots until she wins the game!

Here’s the kicker: When she wins, you don’t want to say, “I let you win.” Instead, you want to say, “Baby, you won! Look how good you did.” And laugh and flirt together over it. Because if you do this right, you’ll be laughing together from the very first second you start missing shots until she – FINALLY – wins the game.

It’s a great way to bond and a fun means of flirting. If she doesn’t play punch you after this, she doesn’t have a funny bone in her body.

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