Flirting Vs Rapport – Know The Difference For INCREDIBLE Results with Women


Flirting is much different than rapport. Rapport is a way of relating to someone that you have an established relationship with.

The fastest way to build relationships with people is to share personal information about yourself. When you talk to a woman and discover things or experiences you have in common, you are building a rapport with her. The longer you talk to someone and discuss a wide variety of topics, the more rapport you build.

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Rapport allows you to nurture and grow your relationships with friends, family and anyone you come in contact with.

The Most Common Mistake

The most common mistake is trying to become friends first, and then trying to build a sexual relationship later on. Here’s the simplest way to remember how to interact in any given situation.

  1. Flirt till she’s attracted to you.
  2. Then, while maintaining the flirting, begin to reveal personal information about yourself.

It’s the information about yourself that helps build relationships – your name, job, dreams, hobbies, interests and memories — but it’s the emotions you evoke through your personality that sparks attraction — your confidence, security, sense of humor, leadership, mystery and playfulness.

Don’t Build Report Without Being Flirtatious

Never try and build rapport without first being flirtatious, fun and playful. Not ever. Without showing yourself to be desirable, she has no reason to be interested in you. Nothing has set off the attraction.

Talking about hobbies, life ambitions, careers and education can be fascinating conversation and can work if you can discuss these things in a flirtatious manner. But most men who start on the boring demographic questions find it difficult to transition into a flirtatious mood later.

Most men have the urge to get into these boring questions first, and try to be playful and flirtatious later.  They only attempt to make her sexually aroused after they have established a friendship. This is a death trap that’s going to kill you slowly and painfully as you wait, and never see results.

Move On To Other Women

If you want to attract a woman you’re already friends with and there’s been no sexual chemistry, then you need to move on and start dating other women. You’ve been put into the friend zone and there’s no coming back

If this woman is everything you’ve dreamed about, then you need to date other women and gain valuable dating experience so you’ll actually have a chance with her. If you love her because she’s “the perfect woman”, then chances are that a lot of other men feel the same way about her, which means heavy competition. She has many options and she’s only going to date the very best guy – and that will be hard to compete with.

After you’ve dated several women, you’ll notice your dream girl become curious about your new found desirability, and you may get a second chance. And then again, after going out on a first date with other women, you may realize you like a new woman much more than the one you had your sights on before.

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