Winning Phone Flirting Techniques


Flirting can be intimidating when you’re on the phone, because you can’t see the other person’s face or read their body language. Here’s how to pull it off.

Remember, flirting on the phone only allows you to use 45 percent of your potential flirting power, so the quicker you end the phone call and see the woman in person, the better.

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The best strategy is to create a sense of occupied urgency. This is not manipulative, but rather a favorable situation to end the phone call and allow the attraction to grow by flirting with her in person.

Create A Sense Of Urgency When Flirting On The Phone

Let her know that you don’t have much time to talk because you’re busy. This way the conversation is short, sweet and to the point. Take control of the conversation and direct it towards your intention of seeing her again. Here’s an example of a phone conversation using the occupied and urgent technique:

John: Hey Sarah, how are things?

Sarah: Good.

John: Great, I’m glad I got hold of you. Listen, I don’t have long to talk. I’m just calling to see if you want to get together this Thursday at 5pm for coffee at ___.

Sarah: Sure.

John: Great, I’ll see you Thursday then. See ya Sarah.

Sarah: Bye.

Although this is a very simple conversation, it works. There is no need to talk for longer than a few minutes.

Keeping the phone conversation short shows you have a life and other things to do. Men who linger on the phone until the woman gets bored project that they have nothing better to do than talk all day. And, these women might be doing important things and find you annoying because you’ve kept them from their activities.

Even if the flirting during the first encounter went really well and the woman was attracted to you, by lingering on the phone without flirting you run the risk of her thinking that you faked the first encounter and communicating that it wasn’t the real you.

Of course most conversations won’t be this short, but keep them as close to this guideline as possible. If she starts asking you about your day you can comment, but don’t get into details because before you know it you’ve just used all your “Mr. Interesting” ideas on the phone, rather than during the actual date.

If you want to build some emotion on the phone with flirting, that’s fine. If you decide to talk a little longer, just make sure you end the conversation at the peak of your emotionally intense flirting, and not when you run out of things to say and it dies down.

Woman’s Phone Call Interpretation

HE JUST: Called, invited me on a date and hung up.

SHE INTERPRETS THIS AS: He’s confident, independent, directed and has a life. He’s got other things to do than just talk to me, and even though I wanted him to talk to me longer I respect him more and feel even more attracted to him now.

RESULT: She’s attracted.

Text Messaging

RULE: Never set up dates by text message.

Even if she already shows interest from the message, only send one text message. It saves lots of time. Here’s an example of a back and forth text message battle.

YOU: I’m free Tuesday and Wednesday.

HER: Sorry I’ve already got plans then.

YOU: Ok… What about Monday night next week?

HER: No, but I can do Monday day.

Can you see how frustrating this would be? If she delays before replying to each and every message, this could be a long pointless process. The man would get paranoid and start thinking that the woman is making up excuses not to see him.

This assumption could be completely unfounded, but it is difficult to be sure without hearing her voice. Because you’re limited to words, women can often misinterpret what you’re saying. You might ruin a perfectly good dating opportunity by a stupid misunderstanding.

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