How To Flirt With A Shy Guy


Flirting isn’t always easy, especially if the guy you’re trying to talk to is an introvert. Here’s how to flirt with a guy who isn’t as outspoken as the rest.

Flirting with a shy guy can be intimidating, but shy guys normally make the best boyfriends. Shy guys are usually caring, quiet, intelligent and funny. If you have your eye on a shy guy and you want to bring him out of his shell, there are a few things that you can do to accomplish the task at hand. Shy guys can be intimidating because you will need to guide the conversation. Once they feel comfortable with you they will open up and you can see the type of person they really are. Here is a short guide on how to flirt with shy guys.

Approach Him

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Shy guys are not going to approach you. He might try to start a conversation if you have mutual friends, but in general you are going to have to approach him. If you’re not comfortable with approaching guys then you need to be the one that comes out of your comfort zone. Shy guys are usually shy for a reason, so don’t be too aggressive when you approach him. Start off with an easy conversation to break the ice.

Make Him Feel Comfortable

Chances are that the shy guy is not going to be comfortable with you flirting with him at first. Make sure that you aren’t making him uncomfortable with aggressive tactics. Ask him simple questions and see how well he reciprocates. If he’s not asking you questions about your life or what you do then he might not be interested. In most situations a shy guy can spring to life when a girl approaches him, but this isn’t always the case. Go slowly with him, but make sure that he knows you’re interested.


Touching him is a good way to show interest, but don’t fall all over him. Shy guys love a girl that will touch his shoulder or arm while she’s flirting. Make the touches subtle. Brush against him or touch his arm when you laugh at a joke. Even the subtlest touches will not go unnoticed. Wait for him to touch you back. Usually touching begins with the guy. He will put his hand on your back or touch your arm lightly. However, with a shy guy, you probably need to make the first move when it comes to physicality.

Give Compliments

Compliments are essential for flirting with a shy guy. Compliments work well because they are a quick boost of confidence. Shy guys aren’t looking for girls that are self-involved so when you compliment them you show that you are interested in them instead of yourself. Complimenting their job, appearance or taste in music is easy for breaking the ice and bringing him out of his shell.

Don’t Ask For A Date

Shy guys like women who are upfront, but don’t ask him for a date. Wait until he asks you or make an excuse to give him your phone number. Shy guys are notorious for letting great girls slip through their fingers, so you want to put the ball in his court without making it seem like you are. Use mutual interests as a way to get his phone number or as a way to give him your number. For instance, if you’re both into basketball, say something like “Let me give you my number so we can watch the game together this weekend.” Watching a basketball game together is not a date, but it is a way to get together.

Don’t Play Games

As stated before, shy guys are usually shy for a reason. Whether the reason is a tough childhood or being hurt in the past, shy guys are quick to drop a girl that plays a lot of games. If you are a game player, you need to put all of your nuttiness on hold. Not responding to phone calls in a timely manner or lying to him are off limits. If you really want to flirt with a shy guy and have it go somewhere, don’t play games with him. If he picks up on the fact that you are playing games with him he will probably never call you again.

Learning how to flirt with a shy guy is not difficult, but it does take a different approach than with other guys. Shy guys can be a lot of fun once they feel comfortable enough with you. Approaching shy guys and using the best tactics to flirt with them is vital to establishing a healthy relationship they feel comfortable in. Don’t be too aggressive and you should see an improvement in your flirting abilities with shy guys.

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