Flirting With Text Messages – 3 Texts A 3rd Grader Could Have Written


You’ve been flirting with her through text messages, but with no response. Ever wonder why a woman didn’t text you back?

It’s not because your text message wasn’t “good enough.” Because texting shouldn’t be tough to do. In fact, your average third grader could write expert text messages. (As long as you arm him with some top notch psychology)

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at three of my favorite text messages. They’re my favorites because they work. And they work on every woman. In this article, you’ll discover which texts they are, exactly when to send them, and how they use modern psychology to make getting sex easier.

“I just saw ur twin…”

That’s an easy enough text, right? It’s like you walk down the street and see a stranger who reminds you of your girl. So, you send her this text message. It may surprise you to discover this is one of the most powerful texts in the world (if you want her to text you back)

Let’s check it out in more detail:

Why it works:

Ever hear someone say, “No one cares about you as much as you do?” Whether you have or you haven’t, you understand the sentiment: Most people consider themselves important. They’re worried about making mistakes, being embarrassed and what other people think about them.

That gorgeous woman you know thinks exactly the same way. In fact, psychologists call this phenomenon the “ego.” A well known psychologist called the ego, “The most powerful motivating force in human nature.” Which means triggering it in a text message is a very good thing, for you.

“I just saw your twin” works on a few levels. It also brings up feelings of insecurity (“Was she pretty?”) and the promise of a good story (it makes her think, “What happened?”).

When you’d use it:

You can use this text message almost whenever. Even out of the blue. The rule of thumb is: You want to use this text when you’re starting a “new” conversation. For example, you haven’t texted each other for a few days… or maybe things “cooled off” for awhile.

It’s a great text message if she’s been ignoring your texts for awhile, too. I’ll explain why in just a second, after we check out this next text.

“Something just reminded me of u…”

This text also uses “ego” psychology. However, this text is special. Because it focuses on drama and the hint of a good story. And it also teases her with a compliment.

Why it works:

She’s HOPING you were reminded of how pretty she is or you were reminded of something funny she said. However, she’s afraid you’ll remember an embarrassing part of her. For example, maybe she forgot to leave a tip on your date, and you noticed someone being super cheap.

(Everyone has their insecurities.)

When you’d use it:

Any time you’d use “I just saw ur twin.” Which reminds me: These texts are great even when she ignores one or two of your texts in a row. It’s all because these texts are stories in themselves. Complete texts that INVITE her to text you back but don’t require her to.

So you keep your power in the relationship, even when you text her twice in a row. It’s a neat trick – and I suggest you use it more often.

“OMG u didn’t…”

This one plays on her ego and it also brings in a level of guilt: Have you ever done something wrong, but not gotten “caught?” The feeling of guilt stays with you for days – maybe even weeks. And you feel like everyone knows what you did. The good news is: You’re not alone.

Why it works:

Everyone has that feeling one time or another. In fact, most people carry around “guilt” feelings every single day. Especially women! (Ever wonder why your mother constantly gave you guilt trips?)

When you’d use it:

This text works especially well after a first date. Because, here’s a shocker, EVERYONE makes mistakes on a first date! She leaves your first date wondering if she did “OK,” just like you leave your first date, wondering the same thing.

(She wouldn’t be on a date with you if she didn’t like you a lot…)

So toss this text in after a first date, or even after the first time you meet. She’ll text you back, I promise 🙂

So there you have it…

As you can clearly see, a “great” text message is so easy, a third grader could write one. All you need is the right psychology. And now you’ve got the psychology down pat. So what now? How can you guarantee you’ll get a first date… a booty call… maybe even sex? How about a relationship, after the fact?

Well, just like these texts, dating can be VERY easy once you know the right psychology.

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