How To Flirt Once You’ve Got Her To Go Home With You


To flirt is easy at a club, but how do you flirt when the girl you like is finally at your house? Here are several good ways to flirt intimately!

Different types and amounts of flirting are acceptable in different circumstances. The flirting you do around groups of people is much different than flirtatious acts around only one woman.

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In isolated settings such as your place or her place, the rules change and you’re allowed to be more sexually flirtatious. Before we explore this type of intimate flirting, you must first understand how to successfully get there.

Touch Her!

Touching a woman is a great way to build trust. If you continue to go on dates and don’t even affectionately touch a woman’s arm, at some point it becomes harder and more awkward later on.

If you haven’t hugged, kissed or touched reasonable places such as her arm or hand, then you’ll have trouble making her feel comfortable in an intimate setting because she hasn’t felt any physical contact from you before.

If you watch a couple interacting from a distance, you can usually tell how close they are just by how far apart they stand. Most women only feel comfortable with men entering their personal space when they know them to a certain degree.

To ensure a woman will be comfortable when she’s having a date at your place, here’s a guideline for what flirtatious physical contact you can possibly do.

Create The Flirtatious Mood

The flirtatious mood incorporates the same flirting used during previous dates. This involves being playful, fun, teasing and confident. Here are some examples of fun things you can do in a secluded setting.

1. Bed Push

While the two of you are talking on your bed/couch subtly move over while performing a yawn or stretch to move her closer to the edge. Once she realizes what you are doing, she’ll try to move her way back on. Whether you decide to slowly push her completely onto the floor is your choice. Depending on the size of your bed/couch and whether this action can be done harmlessly or not is up to you.

2. Bed Hog

When she tries to get back on the bed/couch or even if she’s already lying with you roll over taking up most of the space. As she realizes you’re taking over she’ll try and win her share back. If she asks for you to move back onto your side you can say, “What’s in it for me?” or “Na, what are you talking about? I’m not taking up any room at all.” Be smiley and sarcastic when you say this comment, creating an “I’m hard-to-get vibe.”

3. Soft Tickle

If she’s comfortable lying next to you and being close, you should be able to tickle her gently to get a positive reaction. Tickling her hips, waist, feet or armpits work best. If she’s not ticklish or you don’t have the right touch to make her giggle, say something like, “I’m not trying to tickle you, really I’m not.” This saves you from looking like you’ve failed at tickling.

4. Pillow Fight

To increase the excitement, grab your pillow and start whacking her softly with it. If she joins in and gets more aggressive, turn up the pace but don’t use all your strength. If you’re looking for a great way to transition into a pillow fight throw your pillow at her when she’s across the room or on the bed with you. If she doesn’t throw it back tell her to throw it back. If she still doesn’t throw it back, get off the bed, grab the pillow, and throw it at her again. Eventually she’ll join in.

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