How To Flirt With Women


Flirting with women doesn’t always come naturally. For many guys, even just being around a woman will make them get nervous, clam up and stutter their words. However, the guys who seem to get all the girls have a simple secret to seducing women. You don’t have to resign yourself to being a dud in front of the girls though, because their secret can be easily learned. It’s all about relaxing, being yourself and having fun!


Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

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Dating is supposed to be fun, but many guys take themselves too seriously when they’re trying to meet and flirt with a woman. They’ll be so worried about making the wrong moves or saying something stupid to actually be themselves or get to know a girl. A lot of guys are too scared of screwing things up to actually approach a girl, let alone flirt with her. You’re definitely going to make some mistakes when it comes to hitting on the ladies and flirting with them.

You’re not going to be super smooth every time, but the point is to relax and have a good time. If you take yourself too seriously, you won’t be able to brush it off when you do make a mistake – because let’s face it – most of the mistakes guys make when talking to a woman aren’t so serious they’re going to ruin everything. What will ruin everything is your attitude. So stop being worried about flubbing up and start relaxing and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Make Flirting A Dance

Flirting is a lot like a dance – it’s a give and take between two people. When you flirt with a woman, you’re going to listen to her and show interest in her for a little while, and then you’re going to pull back a bit and appear interested in something else. When this happens, the woman will naturally start to show more interest in you as you pull back, and when she pulls back, you’ll then naturally feel more inclined to show even more interest in her.

This is how things escalate from meeting a woman to flirting with her and on to kissing and even more. The give and take between you and the person you’re interested in is what makes things fun and exciting for both of you because neither of you is sure exactly what will happen next! The unpredictability of flirting is why it’s so much fun!

Think Of Flirting As Having Fun

Instead of being so nervous you can’t have any fun, remember that flirting is all about having fun, even if things don’t go exactly the way you wanted them to. In fact, it could be said that if you’re having fun with someone you’re interested in romantically, you’re actually flirting!

When you make a mistake when talking to a woman, it’s important that you remember that flirting is about having fun and learn to let the little things go. Brush it off with a smile and a laugh and continue having a great time with the person you’re interested in. If you let the little things affect you, it’s going to affect your attitude and you’re definitely not going to be any fun to be around. Your date is going to care less about the fact that you spilled mustard on your shirt than she will about the fact that you laughed it off and were still a blast to be around!

When You’re In A Relationship, Don’t Forget The Flirting

One of the things that two people in relationships often forget to do as time wears on is to make sure that the flirting doesn’t stop. While flirting often comes naturally for two people who just met or are in the beginning of a relationship, it takes more work to keep flirting as you get to know someone and are with them for a significant period of time.

To make sure you continue to flirt with your partner well after you started dating them, it’s important to keep the “fun” attitude and continue to not take yourself – and your partner – so seriously. Instead of letting little things in the relationship crop up and bother you, learn to pick your battles and keep things light and fun. Stay relaxed and be yourself – because that’s who your partner wants to be with, right? Remember, she still wants you to flirt with her, tell her she’s pretty, tease her, touch her and laugh with her no matter how long you’ve been together!

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