How To Use Your Voice To Attract Any Woman


Flirting is highly dependent on your voice. Deepening your tone can easily make you more attractive to women. Admire your new, confident, attractive voice.

You don’t need to have an extremely deep voice, but it should be deep enough to communicate that you’re comfortable in the presence of women. If you notice when you talk to women your voice becomes squeaky from nervousness use this technique to compose your voice.

Use Your Voice Volume

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Sometimes for fun I ask women what they like about men. While consciously women want their men to be, “nice, caring, romantic, etc”, unconsciously they want men who are masculine. When I ask what they like, these women respond with things like: “I like a man who holds himself well” “I like a man who knows what he wants” “I like a man who’s sure of himself” “I like a man who’s not intimidated by me” “I like a man who’s not nervous.”

While from first glance these qualities may all seem different, they are in fact all the same. Unconsciously women want men with confidence. Part of a confident voice is the volume you project. Confident men flirt with loud, strong and clear voices.

Un-confident men speak with soft, weak and muffled voices that project fear and low self-esteem. If you want to get the attention of women start speaking with a louder voice and be fearless of rejection.

If women intimidate you, chances are your voice is very soft. Boost your voice to a volume that “seems” too loud and you’ll speak at a more normal volume. Because you’re not used to speaking at this volume it will seem very loud; don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

Monitor Your Voice Speed

Public speaking is a real fear for most people. When somebody stands up to speak you can tell exactly how confident they are just by the speed of their vocals.

When we talk to our friends we speak in a cool calm voice and at a reasonably slow pace. If you hear a terrified person make a speech against their will, you’ll hear the fear. People who are not confident speak at an unnaturally fast pace to “get it over and done with.”

They are so uncomfortable at public speaking, and they rattle off their speech so fast, that most people have trouble getting the main points. Just by listening to the pace, women can determine if you’re nervous.

For those of you who are terrified when meeting women, here’s a great tip. Speak at half the speed you think you should be speaking at and you’ll most likely be talking at a natural pace with great body language.

Learn Voice Timing

Comedians are funny because they deliver their jokes with a great sense of timing. Learn to use emphasis, pauses, pace changes and fluctuating vocal tone with your speaking voice.

If you want to know exactly how to talk to women, study some of the most confident public speakers and coaches of our time. Go to seminars and listen to confident people speak on TV, noting the characteristics of the speakers.

A lot of men say they know how to portray a confident voice, but when it comes time to approach a woman and use this confident voice, they freeze up. Just knowing something doesn’t make you an expert. You have to put what you know into practice.

Watch Your Spoken Words

The words you speak have very little impact on your ability to meet women. Having said that, there are words or lines you can say that will repel women so fast it will make your head spin. Lines that define women as sexual objects, creatures of desire or nothing but a shell of physical beauty don’t work.

You can’t flirt with women by being too direct about your intentions. “Hey cutie,” “babe,” and “hot stuff” are terrible lines for first impressions. As mentioned before, women interpret the meaning behind your words, so think about these words from a woman’s perspective. Whenever in doubt always use the formula below designed to transform action into meaning.

Know How To Use More Than Your Words

As we move onto non-verbal flirting remember that flirting is much more about how you use your voice than the words you actually say. This point has been repeated, but with good reason. When a friend talks about the success he’s had he’ll tell his friends the lines he used rather than what he did and how he acted.

These friends then go and try out their newly found pick up lines, only to be harshly rejected. They conclude the lines don’t work and give up. If they realized that flirting is more about the delivery than the lines, everything would make sense to them.

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