Q&A: How To Flirt With A Tomboy


How to flirt with a tomboy is different from doing it with a girly girl – you’ve got to be careful about what you say and how you act, because the same types of things that work on more feminine women aren’t going to work on a girl who isn’t. Here’s how to flirt with these types of women SUCCESSFULLY!

Question: How do I flirt with a tomboy (who likes me too)? How do I know she’s flirting with me? What do I need to know about tomboys?

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The “Tomboy” Stigma

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Just because a girl is more into doing “guy” stuff like playing sports, likes hanging out with guys more than girls and doesn’t do the whole “shopping and frilly dress” thing, it doesn’t mean that she’s any less girl when it comes to the way a guy can make her feel. She is still going to get butterflies in her stomach when you smile at her and she’s still going to be receptive to flirting. However, you do have to make sure your flirting style works with her personality. Cheesy pick up lines and standard seduction techniques may not work for these types of women.

Going Out And Having Fun

If you try to schmooze a tomboy, or try to be a really “suave” guy around her, she may hit you! The most important thing when learning how to flirt with a girl like this is to plan to do things with her that are a lot of fun. Take advantage of the fact that she’s not a girly girl, and plan dates that are super fun and keep you guys laughing and having a great time. Some great date ideas are:

  • Going to a ball game
  • Hiking
  • Hanging out and playing video games (if she’s a tomboy-gamer sort of girl)
  • See a movie (make sure it’s NOT a chick flick)
  • Instead of a fancy restaurant, have hot dogs in the park (and who cares if you get messy?)

How To Compliment Her

Complimenting a tomboy is where you can really get into trouble if you don’t choose the right things to say. You don’t want to compliment a girl like this on her looks – she works very hard to make sure that she doesn’t dress girly, because she doesn’t want to be noticed for the way she looks. Don’t compliment her makeup (if she wears any) or her outfit – instead, find things about her personality to compliment.

Tell her you love her smile and the way she makes you laugh, or compliment her hobbies. Tell her she’s really good at her favorite sport, even better than you! Compliment her accomplishments and the things she’s done that she’s proud of.

Be Yourself

With dating, it’s always important to be yourself and never try to be the person you think the girl you’re interested in would like. This comes off as fake and almost always backfires – regardless of the type of girl. Of course, a tomboy is going to see right through your charade a lot faster than any other type of girl and you’re probably not going to guess right on the type of guy she would be interested in – so she probably won’t like you at all if you try to be someone other than who you really are.

How Do You Know If A Tomboy Likes You?

Surprisingly enough, this is one of the areas where a tomboy is going to be pretty much just like any other girl. You’re going to be able to tell if she likes you the same way you might notice that another girl would like you. She’s going to be doing pretty much the same things like:

  • Making excuses to be around you
  • Getting in your space
  • Making more eye contact with you
  • Laughing and smiling at your jokes and things you say
  • A tomboy, however, may mockingly punch you rather than touch your arm or leg softly, but it means the same thing – she likes you!

She’s Not Going To Be Good At The Seduction Game

Unlike more girly girls, a tomboy isn’t going to know how to flirt or be very good at the seduction game. She’s going to be more laid back, casual and relaxed. So make sure you take things slow and don’t move too fast. If you do, you might scare her off! Aim to be more casual and relaxed yourself, and let the attraction unfold naturally. You’ll be able to tell if she likes you if she wants to spend more time with you, so after that, just let things take their natural course! Be yourself and remember to have fun!

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