Are Online Dating Sites Worthwhile?


Though online dating services once held a certain stigma, they are now commonly used by hopeful relationship seekers. If you’ve been afraid to sign up for one, fearing that you’ll only meet antisocial geeks, you may be missing out. All sorts of people are finding boyfriends, girlfriends, and even future spouses online.

The Benefits Of Online Dating

So just what can online dating sites do for you that a singles’ bar can’t? For one thing, they simultaneously broaden and narrow your search. The site could find people that you wouldn’t otherwise run into in everyday life, casting a wider net for you. Yet it can also turn your focus toward people who share your interests, helping to eliminate unlikely candidates. That saves you time and ensures that you have a lot less first date fiascoes and more fourth and fifth dates and beyond.

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You also have the ability to screen potential matches more easily, since you can study the person’s profile before you decide to respond to them. Online matchmaking services can be particularly helpful if you live in a large, highly populous area. It can be hard to navigate dating in a big city. Weeding your way through crowded bars and parties at your friends’ apartments can be daunting. Going online can help steer you toward the right people who desire the same kind of relationship that you do.

That’s something you can’t always tell when you first meet a cute guy or girl at your friend’s cook out. Just because someone seems like a good match, doesn’t mean they’re looking for something as serious as you are searching for. These same sites can also be really helpful for those who live in smaller towns. If you know everyone in town, but still haven’t found the right fit, using a dating site can help you find someone in a neighboring town that you don’t normally visit.

Are There Online Dating Dangers?

Of course, there are some dangers in using online matchmaking services, and you won’t necessarily find your dream date on the first try. It’s bad enough that people can misrepresent themselves in person, but online they can be even trickier. People can lie about their ages, their interests, and even their appearance. If you sense that a person’s profile isn’t totally truthful, or if they admit at some point that they fudged a few details, it’s best to pass over them.

A relationship based on lies can’t come to any good. That’s also why you have to be true to yourself when you put together your profile. If you twist your interests or information to make yourself seem more appealing, you’re not doing anyone any favors. The wrong kind of people are going to end up matched to you, and then they’ll be let down when they find out you weren’t totally honest. If you accurately describe yourself, you’ll draw the kind of people who will truly appreciate you for you. Finding the right match is what online dating is all about. Add it into your dating mix, and you just might find your perfect partner.

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