Single? Take the ‘Why Am I Single?’ Love Quiz, Maybe You’ll Find Out Why…


Every once in a while, we run across something cool and want to share it with you…We came across this cool little quiz the other day.

Wondering why you’re still single? Or have you even given up wondering and just accepted being alone? 

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Some people enjoy spending some quality, relaxing time by themselves, you know, ‘me time’.

But that’s a very, very different situation from being lonely and alone – not having another person in your life. We’re pack animals and need that human contact, that personal presence, that comforting touch. For most people, being alone is a really depressing reality, and it basically sucks.  

Well, stop it!

Take the ‘Why Am I Single?’ love quiz and maybe you’ll find out what you’re doing wrong. It’s a short, fun love quiz that may well help you find your way, or maybe find where you’re going the wrong way.

The short quiz walks you through some soul searching questions, to see what you’d do in certain romantic (or romantically related) situations. For example, how you would deal with your new love interest inviting you to meet their parents – maybe a little too early in the relationship. What would YOU do? 

One particularly cool feature is that once you take the love quiz you can embed the widget (a link to the quiz) on your blog or MySpace page and it’ll show off your results along with a cutesy note.

Here are our results:

Jennifer – "I believe that any species who can’t work a toilet seat is inferior!"

Dan – "The women, they always escape"

It’s really fun and short (only 7 questions), so check it out at and let us know your results.

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