Speed Dating Grows Up – Meet 5 People In 5 Minutes Without Leaving Home


When most people think of traditional speed dating, they picture their local pub trying to get 20 sober people together in one room, in hopes they can go a few rounds with one another to find a match.

Well, fast forward to the present. The times have finally caught up with that old idea of speed dating.

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WooMe is revolutionizing the way people meet. They’ve developed a way for people to meet online in real time (with just a browser and a webcam), in a fun, fast and free way. Yes, we said free…

No long profiles to fill out. You can meet 30 people on WooMe in less time than it takes to create a profile on traditional online dating sites like eHarmony and Match.com.

Imagine firing up your computer and webcam, and meeting 5 people in 5 minutes in real time, without leaving the comfort of home. So instead of spending your whole evening going cross town to some speed dating event at a bar or restaurant where you MIGHT meet one or two people you MAY like…

WooMe speed sessions are created by you around any topic of interest and you can review member profiles and pictures before the session begins. Think of it as speed dating where you get to pre-screen the people you’ll be meeting.

Is It Safe?

Women will particularly enjoy speed dating on a service like WooMe because it’s safe and anonymous, with none of the traditional concerns of meeting a bunch of strange guys at a bar.

With an online speed dating service, you have an easy and guaranteed out. You control who you see again and just as importantly, who you don’t see again. That creepy guy staring at you the whole evening and trying to follow you home!

WooMe has built specific tools to make people feel as safe as possible,  like "report user" for calling out inappropriate behavior while in sessions and "block user" preventing unwanted profiles from participating in any sessions you may join in the future.

When you hit it off with someone and you both want to pursue an off-line relationship, you can get each other’s contact info…  This is the only time that  information is ever exchanged. The ones you don’t click with will never see YOU in person at all or receive any of your personal information. Now that’s refreshing.

It’s still just about dating, right? NO!

Here’s what’s really cool. It’s not just about dating anymore. Think "Speed Introductions"…

Want to meet a few people who share the same passion as you? You can meet new people in your area, find a roommate, find a travel partner, and so on. And unlike social networking or online dating sites, the idea here is to connect to real people in real time…

At WooMe, you can meet 5 people in 5 minutes who are interested in just about any topic you can imagine, and you both get to decide if you want to talk again. WooMe sessions are created by other users around any topic of interest, so you can check out what sessions are about to start and see where you’d like to get involved.

Check out the upcoming live chat sessions and pick one you’d like to join. But be careful, it can be a little addictive.  

Don’t see a session you want to join?

No problem, you can create one for whatever you’re interested in… dating, work, sports, music, anything. Looking for a great hang out spot in your area? Create a session called something like "What are the best hang outs in Los Angeles?". But be creative, make it intriguing so people will notice it. You can even specify how many men or women can join your session. Than sit back and watch people sign up for that session.

It’s that easy. 

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