How To EASILY Create Attraction Through A Dating Site


Online dating is a lot like traditional dating. There’s always an occasion where a woman is with the guy because she feels attraction, no matter what he looks like. So how do you create this attraction? There are many different ways, but here are a just a few to get you started.

Being Attractive is Not All That

Let’s face it, in online dating, being attractive is cheap. Why? Because you have a photo and a bunch of text describing yourself, and people judge you based on that. Or rather, they form an impression inside their head based on what they see. Now, we all know that you’re not going to put up a photo that  doesn’t look good, right? Exactly.

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The thing is, no matter how closely you resemble your photo, you will still  look slightly different offline. She will either notice this or she will ignore it completely. Here’s why. How attractive you are to the girl you’re meeting up with is going to depend on how much attraction you create. Don’t worry so much about your online dating picture when you ask a girl out.

Be Confident

Don’t use gimmicks when you meet the girl for the first time, use your own confidence. Get a list of pick up lines right now and you’ll see some that are so re-hashed that you KNOW girls have heard them all before. But you know what? Some guys still make these lines work for them. In fact, some guys can simply say  “hello” and they get the women’s attention.

It’s not what you say, but how you  say it. Confidence shows in the way you walk, the tone of voice you use and taking  control of the situation. In other words, instead of letting her decide where you’re  going to go, take control and you make the plans.

Use Humor

Women love funny men. Be funny, make jokes. When I’m with a girl, I always like to people watch. Women love doing this and you can always people watch and make funny comments about what other  people are wearing, how they’re walking or their voices and stuff like that, just between you two.

Remember to keep it light, so that she knows you’re kidding. And most important of all, don’t get all piqued when she turns the tables on you and puts  you at the receiving end of a joke. The best part of being funny is you draw out the funny side of the girl. When you’re laughing together, acting silly and exchanging pokes, you can bet she can feel the connection (and the attraction  for you).


One thing about a guy that will make a woman turn her head regardless of  how he looks is his personality. And “personality” has something to do with the way you set yourself apart from other men. Most dating tips will tell you to be yourself. This is a staple for a reason. When women finds a man who has a  great personality, they usually say he’s down-to-earth and easy to talk to.

What does these mean? Being down-to-earth simply means you’re not walking on eggshells around her, you’re not making her feel awkward by being awkward, and you’re not asking a question that could put her on edge. You can look her in the eye  and tell her you like her without making it seem like you’re desperate to have her to like you back.

Be a Challenge

Another thing to avoid is kissing her ass. I hate to say it, but women throw out tests. You’ve got to have confidence and bust on them with the fear of rejection. That’s the perfect time to tease a woman. If a woman says, “Do these pants make my ass look  big,” I might turn around and look and say, “Wow, really big. Whoa,” and smile because she knows you’re not being serious.

On the Internet, I might throw out something like, “Listen, I understand you’re not really attractive, guys can’t stand looking at you, they’re completely repulsed  by looking at you, you’re not intelligent and you can’t carry on a conversation, so why are you on the Internet?” I’ll say it in a bit of a humorous way. It’s great because they know that I’m teasing them and I’m not kissing their ass.

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