Fatal Online Dating Mistakes That Can Cost You A Date


Online dating seems simple enough. You put a profile up, a few guys check it out and then you set up a meeting. As much as you would like to think that online dating is easy, there are several things that can turn a guy off very quickly. A lot of women do not realize that their pictures, profile text and usernames are so out of whack that no self-respecting guy would go near their profile.

If you are wondering why you haven’t received any emails over the last couple of weeks, you could be in the majority that has their profile set up incorrectly. Here are some fatal online dating mistakes that can cost you a date.

The Wrong Pictures

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Sure, it’s great to have different pictures on your online dating profile that shows you have a ton of friends. The problem that most women have is that they put up pictures of them in nightclubs or pictures of them hanging all over other guys. Men are naturally jealous.

No matter how much confidence they have, there is still a tiny bit of insecurity embedded to resent a girl that has pictures of herself hanging all over guys. Replace the pictures of you with other guys so you have some that include you with family or enjoying your hobbies.

Being Generic

The profile is extremely important. Usually, women will just put up a few vague sentences and hope for the best. When you are dating online you want to give as much information as possible about your hobbies, what you’re looking for in a guy and what separates you from other girls on the site. If you look at other girl’s profiles you will see several common statements.

“I can enjoy a night on the couch watching a movie just as much as going out,” is one of the most frequently used statements online. Be specific about what you like to do in your free time. This insight will give you an edge over the competition.

The Wrong Username

Usernames are another pitfall that many women get into. The username that you choose is tricky. The username should not be anything that expresses weirdness or selfishness. Having a username like “princess102” is unacceptable.

You might think that you’re a princess, but guys are not going to be interested in a girl that thinks she is the center of the world. Most online dating websites will allow you to change your username for free, however, some will make you pay a small fee to change the username. Using variations on your name or a hobby as your username is a great way to avoid this mistake.

Relying Too Much On Pictures

Yes, most attraction begins on a physical level and there are guys out there that will simply email you because you’re hot. But you don’t want to rely on your pictures to get dates. Physical attraction is not enough to sustain a relationship. Establishing common interests and relationship needs is essential from the start.

You cannot establish this connection if you are simply relying on your pictures to get dates. If you are relying on your pictures you will probably not get the caliber of men that you really want. Guys that only look at the pictures posted by a girl are usually shallow and arrogant so keep this in mind when you’re creating your profile.

Responding To Every Single Message

Don’t respond to guys that you aren’t interested in just because they are emailing you. Online dating is not about finding the perfect guy, but it’s also not about taking sub-par dates. Just because a guy has expressed interest in you doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to go out with him. You’re not even obligated to respond to him. If you’re not interested in a guy, delete the message and forget about it. Never take a date from somebody whom you have nothing in common with.

Taking Too Long To Respond

When a guy emails you on an online dating site, you want to respond in a timely manner. If you’re interested in him then you can be sure that other girls are also interested. If he sends you a message, try to respond within 24 hours. If you do not respond quickly enough he could take it as a sign that you are not interested or that you are a flake.

The amount of time that you take in responding to a guy might indicate how you will be in a relationship. If you do not respond in a timely manner he could correlate this into how you will respond to phone calls or text messages. Make it a habit to log into your account once or twice a day to respond to emails.

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