Online Dating: How To Create An Effective Username


Online dating can be hard if you don’t know where to start. A good screen name is the first step – use these online dating tips for a great first impression.

Choosing a screen name for an online dating site should not be a decision made lightly. It is one of the key elements to site experience and interaction with other members. It is the first thing a prospective date sees and what sets one member apart from another. The ability for a screen name to stick out among a list of other screen names may be the difference between love and…nothing.

Do Some Research First

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Initial research should be done by members before choosing their screen name. If they look around a site, they will see for themselves which user names they find appealing. Many sites do not allow the use of vulgar or rude names. Many blogs and articles recommend that a user not vulgarity, rudeness, depression, or self-deprecating user names. This is not good advice for everyone. If a user has these qualities, and expects their possible dates to accept them, then they should include them.

The intended audience should also be kept in mind when choosing a user name. Users are marketing themselves and should keep in mind who they will attract with their user name. Putting too much emphasis on physical qualities may attract a shallow type of person.

Make a User Name That is Easy To Read

The effort of creating a great user name should be rewarded. This will not be the case if a viewer cannot easily read it. 95% of computer users scan web pages. Those same people scan lists. The best way to make a name readable is by clearly defining each word through the use of capital letters or underscores.

Make It Easy to Pronounce

There is a direct relationship between being able to pronounce a word and being able to remember it.

Make It Short

SweetGirl is much easier to read than ThisIsTheLongestUsernameEver, even though the words are distinct in both. The first is the easiest to pick out when scanning a list and the easiest to remember.

Make It Memorable (No Numbers!)

Numbers should never, ever be used in a dating web site user name. Humans are more able to successfully remember names than numbers. They are also less likely to mix them up than the letters in a word. The opportunity for love could be missed if a prospective date mistakenly remembered SweetGirl101 instead of SweetGirl110.

Make It Descriptive

Include a hobby or interest: Common interests and hobbies are often the foundation of a relationship. If a member has a certain passion for something, it should be included in their user name. If the member really desires a prospective date to share their hobby or interest, the member should include specific, more technical elements or terms associated with that hobby or interest. A sporting fan could use vocabulary from their sport. A reader may use certain terms or characters from literature.

Use It To Describe Yourself

A member should include a descriptive word about themselves. This should be a quality that they have and they are proud of. It may be that they are romantic, humorous, honest, etc.

Make Your Gender Clear

Many chat rooms or instant message systems within dating sites do not have pictures accompanying the user names. Sexual orientation does not matter here. No matter what gender someone is attracted to, they need to know that the member is that gender. Being able to put a gender specific face or voice to written words is helpful in creating any kind of relationship.

Make It Unique

Feel free to add a twist to your screen name. This may include using an easily translated foreign word or a few symbols. Only one or two symbols should be used. They are easier to remember than numbers, but not as easy to remember as words. Create a name that leaves room for questions. Using easily translated foreign words is a good way to do this. While the meaning of the word should be obvious, a viewer may ask what language it is as an ice breaker.

A user name is a first impression. It is the first thing a viewer will see and the quality that a future partner will likely expect you to keep. Choose carefully.

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