How To Make An Incredible Online Dating Profile


Online dating should be used from a marketing perspective. Think of your profile as a brochure. I want you to think of yourself maybe  going into a Porsche dealership. Imagine you’re going into a Porsche dealership  and you want to drive this Porsche.

You go in and they get you a really nice brochure and you take it home. What you want is a profile that reveals just enough to tease a girl into being even more curious. Use these strategies when trying to meet women online.

Choose Your Headline Wisely

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You need a witty headline because the headline is one of the first things a woman is going to see on your profile. Some online dating sites will call it a “tagline”, which is basically the same thing. I always use something funny as a headline. If you’ve read any other pick-up stuff, maybe you had a funny saying or a funny line you can use. I always rotate and try different things.

Here are some of them:

“I’m not feeling the connection… Do you know what I mean?”
“I think I’m going to have to break up with you.”
“I’m ex-husband material”
“I’m ex-boyfriend material”

You can say things like these and it will crack them up because these are one-liners. You can always use movie lines. I love using different movie lines. What are some funny movies that you can think of? For everybody it’s going to be different.

What’s funny for me might not be funny for you. What kind of funny movies come to mind? What kind of lines
come to mind. I always use those in my profile and in my headline because it’s starts everything off on a funny note.

Choose Bio Pictures Carefully

What I discovered is that looks don’t really matter as much as guys tend to think they do. Men like to think that women are drawn to their physical attraction, but this simply isn’t true. Granted, women especially online are paranoid about the height. The height issue is real big for a lot of women.

As far as the photos go, what I found to work really well are photos that convey what you’re saying in your profile. So if you’re talking about traveling, have pictures of you in different places because you’re conveying that. If you talk about how you love museums or you’re an artist, show you and some of your artwork in some of your pictures.

What I also found worked really well were pictures of myself in a suit. If you wear one for work, that’s great. Get a picture of you when you’re at work. Women always love a man who looks good, especially in a suit and tie. You can never go wrong with that. You probably already have these kinds of photos on your social networking profiles.

Include Group Photos

The mistake that very often cripples a lot of guys is they have all their pictures with them by themselves. Think about what you’re a conveying to a woman subconsciously. You’re conveying loneliness. You want to make sure you have people in your pictures where they’re smiling and having fun. This will give more of a chance for a first date.

You’re by yourself in every single picture so what do you think woman is going to think. You’re by yourself, you have no friends. What kind of woman wants to be with a guy who has no friends? If you’re a teacher, a photo of you with your kids at school will work great. Build a sense of confidence in your photos.

Get Your Photos Rated

One of the things I created was this system of getting my pictures rated. What I tend to think is three to five pictures is more than enough. You never want to have more than five pictures. You want to leave a little bit of mystery there. Three to five pictures should do it. What you want to do is take your pictures and go to this website called It’s free.

All you do is upload your pictures and women will rate your pictures from 1 to 10. You just leave it up there for a little while and you’ll kind of get an idea as to which pictures the women from all over the world or all over the country are looking at, and which ones they like the best. What better way to figure out which pictures to put up on your profile then to have women tell you.

Don’t be afraid of rejection when getting your photos rated. This is a chance to see what REAL women think about your pictures.

Make Her WANT to Contact You First

In order to do that, you need the right bait. It’s just like fishing. If you want the fish to bite, you have to give them the right bait. One of the best baits you can use is called “Desire.” When you’re writing, you want to build desire in the girl. The more you express that you’re cool, you’re funny, you have friends, you lean an interesting life and you’re carefree, the more she wants to meet you.

While doing my research on how to date online, one of the things I started looking at were some online escort sites. I found a trend. I noticed how the professional escorts would always talk about experiences. They would never say, “I’m 5’7, 110 pounds, 34DDs, I got a great ass like JLo.”

The pictures on the escort sites would convey that but the words on the page to build that desire always talked about experiences, stories, places where she could meet you, things like that you could do with her. Steal this strategy and build desire.

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