Online Dating: How To Pimp A Guy’s Profile


Online dating requires a catchy profile to be successful. Here’s how to make one that gets the ladies’ attention.

I’m a guy trying online dating. It’s not working for me. What can I do to pimp my profile?

What She Said:

I’m a throwback to the olden (golden) days when I saw a guy in a club, batted my eyelashes and waited him for to come over and chat me up. And now I’m a married lady who doesn’t need that, so I’m relatively unfamiliar with the online dating world. But, that’s me and this is about you!

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How to pimp your online dating profile? Think like the gender you’re trying to attract. For example: if you want to attract girls, you might want to put things in your profile that appeal to them. This doesn’t mean resorting to schmaltzy “I like puppies and long walks on the beach.” It does mean truthfully highlighting qualities you think a date might enjoy. Are you a foodie? Mention your love of fine dining and a few of your favorite restaurants. Are you game to watch a romantic comedy or two? Throw out your favorite titles – don’t be afraid!

Humor is also a great approach. Showing a sense of fun means you’re at ease with yourself and that you’re open and relaxed. Dating can be stressful enough – no need to take it (or yourself) too seriously!

What sets you apart? Your unique interests will not only stand out, they might also help you nab the perfect date. The key is to be honest. I know honesty and the Internet don’t necessarily go hand in hand – but this is your life. Assuming you’re truly looking for a date and not a booty call, telling the truth will help steer someone your direction who has the potential to be your perfect match.

What He Said

It comes down to this: if you want a 10, why should she choose you? She’s got tons of options. She’s obviously not into the bar thing, because if she was, she wouldn’t be online. You’re selling a product, and that product is you. But if you look at effective marketing campaigns, they don’t sell a product, they sell a feeling. How is this product going to make me feel if I buy it? That’s essentially what your ad should convey. You shouldn’t lie. You shouldn’t embellish. You shouldn’t be yourself. You should be your best, most confident self.

Be who you are and be proud and let them get an accurate picture of who and what you are. Be funny, be fun. You can’t really make anyone choose you. But you can make an incredibly compelling offer that anyone in their right mind would be unable to refuse.

How will you know if you’ve done that? Well, if you get emails and dates, etc. If you email a bunch of women and your emails get crickets in response, then you need to do something different. Continue to experiment until you have found the desired result. And be patient. That might take a while. And don’t take anything personally. It’s not like they’re rejecting you, they’re rejecting a representation of you. And if that representation isn’t working, just change it and continue to tweak until it does.

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