How To Use The Search Bar On Dating Sites


Online dating allows you to weed out dates that you do not have anything in common with. One of the most important skills you will need when you’re inside is how to work the  search function. Here are some things I do to get the most results in the shortest  amount of time.

What’s Your Criteria?

There are a couple of different searches you want to do when online dating. The first thing you want to do is set up a search based on your criteria. For instance, if I’m only looking for girls who are 25 to 35, I’ll put that in my criteria. I’ll be as picky as I want and then I’m just going to save those searches so I can keep  going back to them over and over again every week in search of singles.

Keyword Search

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If you’re into certain sports or hobbies and you want somebody who shares that interest, you can search by keyword. On you can pull up all the women in your area who have that keyword in their profiles. Using this method to meet women is a great way to find the ones that you will have something in common with quickly.

Hit On The Newbies

Do you remember when you were new and you’ve just received a bunch of emails? You’re stoked. You’re excited. You email back ASAP. The women who  join the site are the same. You search “New” members because you want to hit these women fast before a lot of other guys get a chance to e-mail them.  Think about it. If you’re the 800th guy that has e-mailed her, then odds are  she’s probably not going to read your e-mail because she has 799 e-mails in front of you. You have to strike fast if you want a first date. You have to e-mail the “New” members quickly.

Search By Activity Date

A lot of guys don’t do this, but this is one of the most effective ways to ask a girl out. The reason why is because you get to see the women who are actively looking for dates. The women who frequently do searches or browse profiles are hot leads. In a sales background, that’s like somebody coming in to your store or calling up your business and telling you they want to do business
with you.

Hot Leads

The best search that you can do, the one that’s going to get you the highest quality women who are interested is what I call “hot leads.” These are the women who have searched your profile. On and, you can actually go into the site and check who has searched you. You want to e-mail these women because these are the women who have checked you out and sometimes they have e-mailed you.

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