Online Dating Sites – How Do They Work?


Online dating sites have made meeting potential mates a lot easier, but it can be difficult to learn your way around. Here’s how online dating sites REALLY work!Dating has become much easier thanks to the invention of the Internet. Before then, people were limited on where they could meet potential dates by physical means. You would have to find dates through physical interaction, such as through friends or by meeting each other at places where both of you frequent. Many people would find dates through work, school or another regular activity.

What Online Dating Sites Are For

However, when online dating sites began appearing on the Internet, things were made a lot easier for people who may not have the time or social skills to meet a potential significant other. These sites allow people to find other singles that have the same interests as them, some of whom they may have never had the chance to meet any other way. While you may think that online dating is for lonely people or computer nerds, this is a common misconception. More people every day are using the Internet to find love and this is nothing that you should be embarrassed by, as it is a logical and convenient way to find love using technological advancements.

How They Work

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Online dating sites work similar to social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, in the sense that to start using them, you must register for the site and create a profile for yourself. Most dating web sites allow you to create a profile for free, but you may be restricted on what activities you can perform with a free profile. Once you have registered, you can begin adding information to your profile, such as a description of your personality, physical characteristics, interests, hobbies and other information that a potential date will be looking for when browsing the site. Make sure that this information is as accurate as possible, as you may find that your online dates will stop responding to you if they find that you are not what you described.

Your Profile Picture

Once you have finished adding text information about yourself, you can upload a profile picture. Some sites will require you have to a picture before you can begin finding dates, but it is always a good idea to include a picture or even several pictures on your online dating profile. This way, other users know exactly what to expect from your physical characters and can make sure they are attracted to you before making the commitment for a date. This may sound shallow, but physical attraction is a key component to healthy relationship.


After this information is complete, you can begin browsing the site for other users who meet your criteria for someone you would like to begin dating. While it is always best to look for users who are within the area where you live, you can even find potential matches that live farther away, if you do not mind the idea of having a long distance relationship with someone. Online dating sites will usually allow you to set how far away a potential date can live from where you located, showing all of the users who are within a certain radius of your zip code.

Some sites even help you out in the process of finding a date by providing a series of questions or surveys that will help gauge how compatible you are with other users on the site. If you and another user who shares the characteristics you are looking for both answer these questions in similar ways, you will be determined as compatible and recommended to each other. There are also other ways to go about doing this, depending on the site. For example, you may be asked to rate other users based on their profiles. If you rate a user highly and they rate you highly, the site will send both of you messages recommending that you contact each other.

Congrats, You’ve Found Someone!

When you find a user on an online dating site that you want to get to know, you can start sending them messages. Again, whether or not you will be able to contact a potential match on online dating sites varies from site-to-site. Some sites will allow you to communicate through the messaging or chat service on their site, but you will not have access to their contact information.

After communicating with a potential date on the site, you can then mutually decide whether or not you would like to take your friendship to the next level and meet for a real-life or “offline” date. It is always best to have your first date in a public setting, such as a restaurant, coffee shop or museum, as having a date in your home or their home could become very awkward. Once you have met in person, you can then decide whether or not to continue your dating relationship. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try contacting another user!

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