Online Dating: What You MUST Put In Your Profile To Get Girls!


Online dating is a scary world, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what your online dating profile HAS to have if you actually want to get dates!

If you’ve racked your brain for days trying to come up with what to say in your online dating profile, you’re not alone. Many men, including myself, have faced this challenge. Luckily for me, I figured out what types of profiles have women checking you out and responding to your messages and which ones make them cringe and get away fast. In this article I will give you some examples of what you want to include in your online dating profile to generate more dates.

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Anyone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to online dating can tell you that you need to stand out in your dating profile, but how exactly do you do that? Mr. Creepy, who talks about his love of bondage in great detail will clearly stand out, but he will have women searching for the block feature on their dating website, instead of responding to his messages.

That’s why it’s important to point out that you must stand out in a positive way. If you do this and say some memorable stuff, you can show women you are a real person and not just a collection of words on a screen. By following the suggestions below, you can also be someone she responds to and eventually agrees to meet.

Write About Your Passions

Writing about something you actually care about in your dating profile will get you much more responses than the same old boring stuff. Now granted, if your passions include something really bizarre like collecting stamps, you might want to consider finding something else you love to talk about. However, the bottom line is if you’re excited about it, it makes it way more interesting for the woman, and you get better responses.

Communicate The Right Things

This includes showing women you:

  • Are well adjusted
  • Are confident
  • Have a busy life with a bunch of things going on in it
  • Have a sense of humor

Now, anyone can think of a list of great characteristics and write it in a dating profile, but if it really shines through by the way you write your profile it will be much more effective. For example, stating clearly why you’re on the dating website, what you’re about and what you’re looking for will make you appear confident. So will leaving out any wishy-washy or insecure comments like “I don’t know what to write on this thing.” The effect of confident writing will be much better than simply stating you’re confident.

Write Descriptively

If you ever browse through men’s dating profiles, (and seriously I recommend doing it to know what the online dating competition is doing), you’ll soon feel your head start to involuntarily drop toward your chest as you desperately fight off your body’s desire to nap. That’s because the typical vague list of likes and attributes is excruciatingly boring to read. What’s much better is to take one or two things that really show your personality, and get into more detail about it. For example, if you’re a bit of a chef you can describe some of the things you’ve cooked recently or what you’d like to make soon.

Being more detailed will give a woman an actual vision of who you could really be, which will definitely stand out among the crowd. You don’t even have to do that much with the details to really stand out, because 95% of men’s profiles as about as boring as reading a scientific journal article.

Keep It Light

Remember to keep it positive, light and flirtatious. This doesn’t mean you can’t include anything serious but keep the overall mood light. Keep in mind that this is your first impression. If you were to meet someone out at a bar and they started unloading all this serious stuff about world hunger and their dying cat in the first minute, you’d probably be turned off as well. This is that initial communication. It’s that first minute or two in a bar or a grocery store. If you can effectively keep it light and playful for now, you will probably be someone she wants to get into a relationship with eventually.

Use Appropriate Grammar and Spelling

You may not think it’s that big of a deal, but more women than you would think will instantly ignore your profile if they see you making a mockery of the English language all over your profile. If a woman is really overboard about it, like having a conniption fit because you forgot the apostrophe in the word “it’s,” you’re better off far away from her anyway. Imagine being around her when something actually goes wrong!

However, spelling things right and utilizing the basics of good grammar are still very important to most women, especially when it comes to online dating since all they have to go off of is what they’re reading. So yeah, you need to use all those annoying little periods and commas. A spell check would be a nice touch as well.

So there it is. Be sure to incorporate these dating tips in your online dating profile and I promise you your results will be much better.

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