What You Need To Know About Social Media Dating


Online dating usually involves using special websites – but can you utilize dating tips for popular social media sites such as Facebook?

I had a lot of guys interested in online dating asking me when MySpace was hot, “How do I meet women on MySpace?” Now that Facebook is hot, it’s “How do I meet women on Facebook?”

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The reality is I use online social networking sites for that—social networking. Not online dating. I use them to build up a connection with just guys and girls for when I want to throw parties. I don’t really use these sites exclusively for dating because when I’m on Match.com and PlentyOfFish.com I meet more women who are on the lookout for dates.

Why Social Media Sites Aren’t Your Best Option

The other thing is I always look for is the low-hanging fruit, the path of least resistance. What does this mean? A woman on a social network is there because everyone else is. It’s free. She doesn’t have to pay a membership fee to put up a profile and idly browse her friends list for photos or anything else that might interest her. On the other hand, a woman who’s paying $25 a month to receive e-mails from guys is definitely looking to date. Who do you think will be more receptive to my advances? The second one, obviously.

“But Dave, I REALLY want to date girls on Facebook and MySpace!” Alright, I hear you. And, I can’t say I haven’t tried it. In fact, I got dates through social networks frequently enough to develop a good strategy for it.

Social Media vs. Online Dating Websites

The big difference between these sites and dating sites is they’re not really traditional dating sites, so some of the rules don’t apply. For example, a good-looking girl on Facebook may not be looking for a boyfriend right now, which means she might freak or “unfriend” you if you try to pick her up the way you would in a traditional dating site. The trick: be discreet.

A lot of women are on social networks and they might want to meet guys. However, they’re not going to blatantly come out and say, “I’m on here to date somebody!” You have to play the same game. When you’re emailing these women, and when you build your profile, be mindful not to be too obvious that you’re on there for hooking up.

How To Structure Your Profile

On your profile, remove anything that has to do with dating, and basically just talk about yourself—things you’re into and how great life is, etc.

Have some pictures of you and your friends. That’s what is important. If you just remove all the romantic stuff and all the needy type of stuff, you’ll do just fine with that.

Keep your profile description very short. Keep your e-mails friendly, but short. Here’s why. You don’t want to come off like you’re trying to pick them up initially.

One thing that works really well on social media websites is requesting to be included in a girl’s friends list before you e-mail her. This way, she’ll check out your profile first. Once you e-mail her a day later, she will already be a little bit more familiar with you so you’ll have a much better response.

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