Online Dating – How to Avoid the Single Biggest Mistake Most People Make


So what so you think is the single biggest mistake that most men - and women- make with online dating?Put simply, most people use the shotgun approach to dating and hope to hit something, anything. They put no thought into what they are actually looking to get out of online dating or the type of … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety for Men – Web Cam Girls, Identify Theft, and More


Just when you thought it was safe to try Online Dating...It seems that with Online Dating it's often the men, rather than the women who are getting preyed upon.You can avoid being taken advantage of by being well informed and taking a few safety precautions.Think these things can't happen to … [Read more...]

Online Dating – How to Get Her to Actually Respond to You


You can avoid this critical mistake that many men make with Online Dating.So, you've found a girl that you'd like to meet. Now, what do you say to her in that crucial first email?How do you capture her interest so that she'll actually give you a chance?And... what are the biggest things to … [Read more...]