Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Dating


Online dating is beginning to be the biggest way of meeting single women. If you have been considering it, but just haven’t taken the plunge, it might be time to do so. It gives you a very cheap, and sometimes free, way of meeting a lot of women very quickly. Over the last couple of years, online dating has moved into the mainstream. Meeting women on the internet is no longer for social misfits and tons of “normal” people use online dating services.

1. Approach Anxiety

Online dating is the perfect solution for men who have approach anxiety. Approach anxiety can get the best of men. Walking up to a woman in a bar or nightclub can be nerve-racking. It gives men a way to avoid approach anxiety by simply sending a message through the service. It’s much easier to send a message through a service and take the rejection of never hearing from the girl than getting a fake number or being told point blank that they’re not interested. If you have approach anxiety with women, you should definitely consider online dating.

2. It’s Similar To Facebook

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It’s kind of weird that we think online dating is for losers but we are addicted to Facebook. There are tons of people who have meet significant others through Facebook, so what’s the difference? On both platforms you upload pictures and basically outline your life. If you are an avid Facebook-er then why would you feel uncomfortable with online dating? Most people who have online dating profiles use their Facebook profile pictures on the dating site. Facebook also allows people to put their relationship status on the site. If you have a “Not In Relationship” status on your Facebook account then you kind of already have an online dating profile.

3. One Month Could Equal A Year

How many dates did you go on the last year? 2 or 3? By paying a small fee you could easily go on 10 dates in one month. Depending on your work schedule and how busy you are, you can arrange to go out with multiple women in the same week. This isn’t being a player; it’s just testing the waters. Sign up for a site and see how many women you can go out on a first date with in the first month. This will save you money on the next month’s subscription and will get you on the fast track of finding somebody that you really connect with.

4. Transparency

Have you ever met a girl, gone out on a few dates with her and then found out that she didn’t want the same things as you? It’s fairly safe to say that everybody has been through this. Whether you don’t want to date a smoker, want kids some day or never want to get married, online dating gives you the solution of transparency. Obviously you will need to vet the girls and get rid of any crazies, but getting a snapshot what your potential partner wants out of life can be an asset in finding somebody that you click with well. Using the filters provided by your online dating site can easily give you a list of matches in just a few seconds. This isn’t the case with dating in the real world and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You will no longer be spending money on women that will not work out in a long term relationship.

5. It’s Free To Try

All online dating sites allow you to sign up for free. Most online dating sites will allow you to see a small counter of how many people have looked at your profile. Sign up for different dating sites with the same kind of profile. Watch the counter to see how many women are looking at your profile. If you don’t want to spend money on multiple sites, subscribe with the site where you’re getting the most profile views. This will save you money and put you in touch with women that are interested in meeting you.

Online dating is becoming very popular with young professionals, parents and seniors. If you have been thinking about an online dating site, sign up for free and test it out. Remember that you aren’t a creep for using it and it doesn’t make you desperate. Nobody wants to spend their life alone and online dating could be the avenue that you’ve been waiting for.

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