Users: It’s NOT OK to Lie in Your Profile


OPW — Sep 26 — It seems many users and a few industry notables are OK with white lies in profiles.  Here’s my thoughts.  Your comments please.

Lies are always good for the short term and bad for the long term. Singles need to hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity. I advise anyone who goes on a date and finds themselves in front of a liar to immediately excuse themselves from that date. "Sorry, I’m not comfortable continuing with this date because you lied to me. It was a pleasure meeting you however. Thanks, bye." 

This should include lies about age, weight, pictures which are significantly inaccurate/photoshopped.  Lies are the BANE of this industry. A huge detriment. I highly, highly recommend site owners to advise their users to represent themslevs in their best possible light within the realms of complete honesty. 

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One of the reasons services like Great Expectations and The Right One are doing well, and charging thousands of dollars, is because their clients expect to see truthful profiles and know, truly, who they are meeting before their first date. Less surprises, means more value to clients.  Higher integrity leads to higher profits…in the long run.  – Mark Brooks

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