What To Avoid Writing About In Your Online Dating Profile!


Online dating can be a great way to meet women in your area if you do not have the opportunities to meet them in your everyday life. However, your online dating profile should convey the proper emotions. Here are some emotions that you should avoid when creating your profile.

Don’t Use Pity

If women read about your problems, how depressed you are or how life  sucks, they want to get away. They want to close the browser, hit a video sharing site and watch a clip of Friends or Seinfeld, or do something that will erase the feeling of depression they got when they read your profile. If you  remind them that life is painful, there’s trouble around and the world will  probably come tumbling down anytime soon, you’re going to drive them away. You don’t want that. But, Dave, all I have are painful experiences. How can I avoid talking about these with online dating sites?

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There’s a thin line between empathy and pity, and if you can’t prevent yourself from mentioning something painful, you have to be extremely aware of this thin line. You can “mention” a painful past, but avoid talking about it at length. Dishing the dirt about your bad experiences will make it seem like you’re not yet over them. Instead, write about how your pain strengthened your spirit and turned you into the man you are now.

You have to understand that the girl who’s reading your profile page might have gone through the same things. But, like you, she wants to get over these bad experiences and see them in a good way. Talk about the lessons you’ve learned, and how you’re progressing rapidly into a better life. Remember that strength of character and confidence is a heavy aphrodisiac to women this is what they really mean when they say a man is “strong”.

Don’t Convey Anger

Like it or not, we can’t choose who views our profile in dating sites. The girls who will find you there will be from all walks of life, and from any social level. They will have different belief systems, religions, political leanings, convictions. This means you have to take care not to mention something that will strike at a person’s inner core.

There’s a difference between being bold, edgy and unapologetic, and being downright rude will never get you a first date. If you’re unsure about which issues can anger a person, check the terms and conditions of the site you’re in, or think about the unwritten rules of the internet in general.

Issues such as hatred, violence, profanity, discrimination against race, gender and religion or political beliefs can spark a heated argument anywhere, and the virtual world is no exception. Besides, implying that you’re into these things will make her feel like she’s meeting a psycho and you don’t want that.

Don’t Be Boring

The worst emotion in the world is boredom, or ennui, the definition of which is “a feeling of listlessness and general dissatisfaction resulting from lack of activity or excitement.” When you describe yourself as average, normal, plain you will not meet women that you actually want to date.

She will feel bored and move on to find some other profile that will make her feel something, anything. Don’t get me wrong. You might think of yourself as average, normal or plain, but she doesn’t know that you feel that way.

Saying it out loud will plant the impression inside her head. Listen, women want to meet somebody who’s going to make their life more interesting and more fun.

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