What To Look For In An Online Dating Site


Online dating is becoming more and more popular – but is every dating site as good as it says? Of course not! Here’s what to keep in mind for success.


My favorite paid dating site is Match.com. The reason why I like it is, first of all, it’s the biggest paid site on the Internet—period. If you’re going to go fishing, do you want to fish in a small pond or in a big pond with a lot of fish? If you’re going fishing, obviously you want to fish in a big pond that has a lot of fish. That’s what you’re doing when you join a site like Match.com. They have millions and millions of members all over the world.


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As far as credibility goes, a website that can stay in business for decades without losing its mass appeal and popularity is sound. A rule of thumb I live by is to join the biggest ones and avoid the smaller ones.

With smaller websites, there may be a lot of fake profiles there that only serve to keep you trudging on blindly with the hope that you’ll get these “fake” women to email you back. And, they probably will, when you’ve reached the end of your membership and they want you to upgrade.

Then, of course, if you renew, the emails will stop and you’ll get no response from the women who previously emailed you. This has probably happened to you. I know it’s happened to me. You’re not getting any messages on the sites and then you have like a week left and then all of the sudden as soon as your membership expires and you don’t renew it because you’re not getting any messages and that’s when you start getting a lot of messages from these women.

You kind of have an idea that something sketchy is going on there. What I’ve read online is that these sites will hire employees to pose as females and e-mail male members who have cancelled their subscriptions to try to get them to come back. That’s a trick that some of these lesser known sites use.

Number of Female Members

The worst thing that could happen to you online is paying for an expensive membership on a site that doesn’t have a lot of female members. That’s a situation that happens with guys all the time. Some sites will say that they have a lot of women and they’ll show you a lot of women but the women aren’t active on the site.

Sometimes they don’t let you see the exact number, or if they do let you see that, the numbers might not be accurate. That’s what they do to fool you as a consumer, as a guide to sign up. You see a lot of hot chicks and you think, “I’ll be able to e-mail all these girls,” when it’s just a bunch of BS. Stick with a popular site that you KNOW women are actually visiting.

Features For Men

Look for features that are set up for guys, such as searching using your mobile, and the really nice ones: the “who’s online” and the “who has viewed me” features. Some of the coolest features around are those that allow you to check on your results. You can see who checked out you and you can e-mail them.

What About “Winks?”

On Match.com, they call it a wink. Other sites have different names for this, such as flirts, teases, pokes or hellos. Whatever they’re called, they don’t work! A lot of guys try to do this and they wonder why they’re not getting any results. The reason why they’re giving them to you for free is because they have a proven low-response rate.

They know these things really don’t work but they’re going to appease you because you’re getting something for free. If they worked, believe me, they would charge you for it. So don’t send out the winks.

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