Why Your Online Dating Profile Sucks


Online dating isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. You have to present yourself in the best light if you actually want people to be interested in you.

Online dating has become a forefront of meeting people over the last couple of years. Anybody who has dabbled in online dating has felt the effects of emailing somebody who seemed cool, but never hear back from her. If you are the kind of guy who sends message after message but is not getting any results, you might have to concede to the fact that your online dating profile isn’t very good. Online dating is basically marketing.

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Do you think that a company would ever market their product starting with the worst features? Of course not. So when you market yourself with your worst features, you can pretty much see the reason you aren’t getting any results. If you have a profile that has any of these characteristics, you can be pretty sure that it’s not good.

The Primary Picture

When you log into your dating site, look at your primary picture. Is it not the best photo of you? Is it just you and nobody else? If so, your online dating profile already blows. When a woman sees your picture in the listings, they will automatically determine whether or not they are physically attracted to you. One of the best ways to get them interested is to crop your photo. A lot of online dating websites allow you to crop your picture for the primary photo. Get a picture of you and a bunch of your friends and crop yourself for the primary picture. This way, when she clicks on the picture, she not only sees a great picture of you, she sees you out with friends having fun.

Bad Grammar

Did you know that there are people who actually pay to have their online dating profiles setup for them? Some of us aren’t great spellers or great writers. If you are not capitalizing “I” or using texting terms in your online dating profile, it’s not good. Use proper grammar throughout the profile to show that you have half a brain. Would you want to date somebody that can’t string a sentence together correctly? I hope not. That is what women think when they see your run-on sentences or terrible comma splices. Have a friend proofread whatever your profile says before you post it.

The Life Story Profile

Yes, women want to get to know you, but think of this as a cover letter. Would you write nine pages to a potential employer or would you send them a brief cover letter explaining that you would make a good employee for their available position? When you write your entire life story on a dating profile you give away all of the mysteriousness that should unfold over time after you meet the girl. This can easily come off as desperation, which is something that women can’t stand. Let them know that you’re a great catch, but leave the manifesto to your literary agent.

Not Enough Information

Have you ever opened an instruction manual and realized that it was pretty much useless? This is how women are going to feel if you only put in the required words to complete the profile. “I like being outdoors,” is a really bad sentence to have in your online dating profile. Elaborate without going too far. Make sure that are conveying the kind person that you actually are. Do not lie about things that you have done just to fill up space. Write something meaningful that is genuine and you will see more positive results.

Overly Sexual

Everybody loves sex. This is pretty much a given. But time after time, we see online dating profiles that are too sexually driven. Having an undertone of being a sexual being is acceptable, but there are websites for finding a “friends with benefits” situation. If you sex-up your descriptions, you could instantly turn women off. They remember this too so it might be a good idea to start from scratch. Change your username and primary photo if you are guilty of this. Most online dating sites will allow you to change your username with a paid subscription. If you are using a free site, close your account and open a new one.

Dirty Laundry

Your ex stomped all over your and you hate her. That’s fine, but there’s no room for that on your dating site. If you even mention your ex or previous relationships, your online dating profile blows. Talking about an ex and expressing your feelings about the breakup is something that should be left until at least the 5th date. Remove any and all mentioning of your ex. Women and men both want to feel like they are working with a clean palette even though we know that the person has been with others in the past.

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