Dating Tips: What Are The Best Pick Up Lines?


When dating, coming up with pick up lines isn’t always an easy thing to do. It can be extremely difficult to think of something when you’re trying to approach a woman, especially if you’re very nervous or jittery. You may be tempted to use a “canned” pick up line that you read on the Internet or heard from a friend, because it’s easier than coming up with something on your own when you’ve been put on the spot. However, those puick up lines rarely work and often serve to get you rejected by the girl you’re trying to ask out. Check out these great tips on the best pick up lines and how to successfully ask a girl out.


Be In The Moment

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The best pick up lines come naturally. They come from the heart and are sincere. They’re not canned statements that can be used on any girl – they’re intelligent statements about your surroundings, what is going on and who you’re with. Most women don’t respond to manufactured pick up lines when dating – and not to worry, a girl can smell a fake pick up line from across the room. Rest assured that any cheesy statements will get you rejected! Instead of using canned pick up lines when dating, be “in the moment” and talk to the girl you’re asking out about what is going on around you. Ask her a question, compliment her in a genuine and sincere way or tease her with a giant smile on your face. Avoid making a comment about her physical appearance, especially her body. Gorgeous women are told all the time that they are gorgeous – they want a guy to make an effort to get to know her and value her for her intelligence, not the way she looks.

Be Yourself

When dating, it is important (crucial, in fact) that you be yourself instead of trying to be someone else. Not only will trying to be someone you think girls will like make you feel uncomfortable and out of place, people are going to see it on you right away. If you’re not relaxed and “in your own skin,” you’re not going to look natural when you ask a girl out. You’re going to look nervous and cheesy, and it’s going to be completely obvious to the girl you’re talking to that you’re not being yourself. When talking to a woman, be honest about your hobbies, your work and your opinions about things. Don’t try to tell her what you think she wants to hear, because you’re most likely going to be wrong on that count. You should also make a point to ask her honest questions about her life, her interests and hobbies and her opinions about things. Listen to what she says and do your best to show her that you’re genuinely interested. Women want their voice to be heard and want a guy that will take and interest in what interests them!

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re shy, dating definitely doesn’t come naturally to you. For shy guys, dating and talking to new people can be downright torturous. You can, however, learn how to get more comfortable with dating and meeting people. The best way to comfortable with meeting new people and talking to them is to get some practice at it. “Practicing” is actually a pretty simple concept, but the hard part comes when you have to actually get out of your comfort zone. Try going out and meeting people! Go to a bar, a bookstore, a fast food restaurant or the park – go anywhere where there are people and make a point to say hello to as many people as you can. Bonus points if you can actually strike up an interesting conversation with someone! When you practice meeting new people, you’ll be much more comfortable when asking a girl out. If you’re comfortable in new social situations, you’re not going to need pick up lines to meet women!

Have Confidence In Yourself

The best way to be successful in dating is to have self confidence. Being confident in yourself is something that shows through in the way you talk, the way you carry yourself and how you appear to other people. Women don’t generally gravitate towards men that are shy, that hang their head down and wait for someone to approach them. Women are attracted to men who are conversational, personable and who eminate self assurance and self confidence. Just be careful not to appear too cocky, because men who give off a “cocky vibe” will definitely not succeed in dating!

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