How To Make Pick Up Lines Work For You


Pick up lines may seem cheesy to most guys. You often hear the horror stories about pick up lines gone wrong, but very few stories about ones that were successful and ended up getting a guy a phone number. Believe it or not, there are ways to make pick up lines win almost any girl over. Here’s how to make them work for YOU.


Why Pick Up Lines Rarely Work

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Pick up lines rarely work because most of the time when a guy uses one, he’s hoping that the phrase he’s using is going to do all the work for him. He expects to speak these “magical words” that when put together into a sentence, automatically make a woman swoon. If you go into dating thinking that this is what pick up lines will get you, you’re going to be very disappointed!

Instead, think of pick up lines as a simple mechanism to get a girl’s attention. You want to get her attention and get her to notice you’re there, hopefully so you can strike up a conversation with her. The key to successful lines is to have a great attitude with it. The words you say may get her attention, but she’s going to be attracted to your positive, upbeat and outgoing attitude even more.

Learn From Guys Who Are Good With Girls

If you have a friend that seems amazingly great with girls and you’re not sure how he does it, ask him! Ask him what he does to get girls to be attracted to him and want to date him. Go out with him for a night and watch how he interacts with the ladies, what he says and what he does. Learn from him! Try to mimic what he does, but in your own way. Learning by example is a great way to practice your skills in talking to women and asking girls out.

Make Her Laugh

Don’t be so focused on learning “pick up lines” – instead, learn some funny one liners that are guaranteed to make her laugh. Make her laugh and get her attention, and you’ve opened the door for a great conversation in which you can flirt and build sexual tension – which is exactly what you want!

To find funny one-liners, try watching some stand up comedy or some good sitcoms. When you find something that really makes you laugh and you think would make other people – especially girls – laugh, write it down. Commit it to memory. Practice saying it so that when you’re in a social situation where this particular line would be the perfect thing to say, it comes out smoothly. Women love to laugh, so if you can make her laugh, you’re well on your way to getting a date.

Relax And Have Fun With It

So many guys take dating too seriously, when it’s really all about having fun. Sure, learning lines can help you be more comfortable when talking to women (it’s a little harder to get choked up when you know ahead of time what you’re going to say, but it still happens), but they’re not going to win you a girl just because of what you say. The success of pick up lines lies not with what phrase you’re actually using, but the attitude behind it.

Start using pick up lines to become more comfortable with girls in general. Get comfortable approaching women and talking to them. If you have friends who are girls, try some of your stuff out on them. See what they think, and listen to any pointers they want to give you. If you don’t have friends who are girls, it’s time to make some! Having friends who are girls will help you get more comfortable talking to women in general, and it will also allow you to practice some of your pick up lines so when you actually meet that girl you’re interested in and want to date, you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

If You Can Make Her Laugh, You Can Date Her

Girls want to laugh! They want to be around a guy who knows how to have fun and how to tell a joke. Work on being funnier in general. Go to parties or get-togethers and work on being the one that everyone stands around because he’s so funny! When you meet a girl, she’s not going to remember what you say so much as how you made her feel. If you can make her feel like she’s having a great time and that she’s special, you’re a shoe in. The trick is to make her laugh, even if it’s a funny joke about you, and still be strong and confident underneath.

Women are able to see the many facets of a person – she will be able to tell that you’re not only funny, but that you’re sweet, sensitive and kind as well. If you’re strong and confident, she’s also going to see that. If you’re faking it, she’s going to see that too. Nothing much escapes women, because they’re incredibly intuitive. Be the guy who is strong and confident enough to get people laughing. When you get that special girl laughing, that’s when she’s going to start feeling that chemistry and connection between you.

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