5 Seduction Tips Women Need To Be On Guard For


Seduction can be one of the most exciting and embarrassing moments in a woman’s life. Being put under the spell of Mr. Wrong can leave you wondering why you were ever attracted to him in the first place. As women, guys approach us on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a supermarket, a bowling ally or on the street guys try to run their game constantly. If you’re tired of falling for the same seduction tricks, there are a few things that you can watch out for. Here is a short list of some things you didn’t know about seduction.

1. Some Guys Really Do Just Want To Know The Time

Not all approaches are part of the seduction game. Men do approach women that they are attracted to, but a guy that needs the time could also just need to know what time it is. Brushing off every guy that tries to approach you is not the way to go through life. If a guy walks up and tries to ask you a question about a product then be aware that he might just need to know if the product works. When he starts to transition the conversation into where you work, if you’re single or any other personal information be on the lookout for seduction.

2. Speaking Of Time, If He Doesn’t Seem To Have Enough Of It…

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A time constraint is one of the most widely used aspects of seduction. The basic concept makes the guy seem limited during his approach. This is the same concept that Internet marketers use to get you to buy a product. They say something like “I can only talk for a second,” which is reminiscent of “for a limited time only.” If a guy tries to pulls this on you, have your guard up. The reason that so many guys use this is because it does work. This is a universal game. What works on you will also work on other women.

3. He Seems More Interested In Your Friends

One of the biggest signs that a guy is seducing you is that he ignores you and goes for your friend. This is a tactic that has gotten a lot of women. What it does is it gets you thinking “Why isn’t he talking to me?” You feel a little rejected so you start vying for his attention instead of him vying for your attention. This is a good method for picking up women and if you look at any nightclub or bar after 11pm you will probably see it. Once the conversation has died a little he will start to talk to you and you will feel special. This is a fake feeling that he has crafted.

4. “Bouncing”

Another method of seduction is called “bouncing.” Bouncing basically involves getting you away from your friends. This is the sign of an experienced expert. He will basically tell you something like “Let’s go to this place for a quick drink.” He is trying to bounce you away from your friends. Seduction is all about putting you a place that you might not feel very comfortable in. If you have never been to a club, bar or restaurant then the most comfortable thing that you have there is him. Be on the look out for this seduction technique when a guy tries it and you won’t get played.

5. He Knows Everything

Does the guy you are talking to seem to have an answer for everything? Is he leading the conversation and saying all the right things? Does it seem too good to be true? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably the prize in a seduction technique. Routines are a way for guys to get enough confidence to talk to you. The reason that they have an answer for everything is because they have done the routine hundreds if not thousands of times. You should start to pick up on his routine throughout the conversation. If you do pick up on it, give a short answer to end the conversation and watch him squirm.

Getting played through a seduction technique is not something that any girl wants to go through. Knowing the signs of seduction is the best way to avoid being a victim in a guy’s routine. Seduction can be fun when you know that you’re being seduced, Making him work for it and then shutting the whole situation down can bruise even the most experienced seduction expert. Take these signs into consideration the next time that you think you’re being seduced.

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