5 Strip Club Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


The strip club is a great place to pick up…well, strippers! But if you don’t play it right, you won’t be taking anyone home. Don’t do THIS at a strip club!

1. Dressing Like A Chump

When it comes to budgeting money on the stuff that entertains them, most guys have their priorities all backwards. Nothing on earth is more entertaining than having sex with beautiful women (in my opinion, at least) and yet they aren’t willing to invest money in themselves in order to achieve this goal.

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I know guys who haven’t changed their style since high school or college. They’re wearing the same Levi’s jeans, the same type of sneakers, and the same tee-shirts they’ve worn for years. They complain about their lack of sex, but when I tell them they need to go spend some money to update their wardrobe, they bitch and moan about how they “can’t afford it right now.”

Yet these same guys are blowing hundreds of dollars a month on porn, video games, Starbucks coffee, going out and buying drinks for chicks who aren’t sleeping with them, and so on.

If you’re serious about attracting strippers (and hot women in general), then you need to do what is necessary to make sure your “look” is on point. Clothes are essential for your image—and it does wonders for your confidence when you go out wearing new clothes and feeling sharp.

2. Being Phased By Her Beauty

A lot of newbies lose their cool with strippers because they’re not used to “gaming” chicks who are this hot and sexual. The best cure for this is experience: once you’ve banged a few strippers and seen them in the morning, hungover and without makeup, you’ll realize they’re only human. Until then, follow these guidelines:

  • Never compliment a hot chick on her beauty. Instead, downplay her looks (the word “cute” is one way to do this) and use it to start a conversation about her other qualities—the ones that her customers are never going to appreciate because they’re too busy staring at her tits and ass.

Hot women are tired of guys only judging them on their looks and never noticing their other good qualities. This is especially true with strippers.

You’ll never get anywhere complimenting a girl on her looks when she already knows she’s beautiful. But when you compliment her on her sense of humor, or her knowledge, or the fact that she’s ambitious – now you’re connecting with her on a deeper level.

3. Blowing Your Body Language

This is another mistake guys make in strip clubs. When I’m trying to have sex with dancers I force myself to be aware of everything that my body is doing. My goal is to communicate comfort and confidence at all times. Also be aware of your tone of voice, and how you speak.

A deep voice indicates masculinity—so if you’ve got a naturally high-pitched voice, bring it down a couple of notches. And speak a bit slower than you normally do. Men who are important are not in a hurry to blurt out what’s on their mind. People listen to them and wait for them to speak, because what they say matters.

4. Insulting Her Profession

Some guys make the mistake of trying to “neg” strippers by knocking their profession, as if this conveys confidence or coolness. Well, this is probably the fastest way to get blown off without mentioning that you’ve got a rash on your penis. Don’t knock her job. Refer to her respectfully as a dancer, not a stripper. Refer to the venue as a “gentleman’s club” (sounds classy, doesn’t it?) Like I said before, the goal is to show her that you know how this game works—and that you respect her hustle when she’s dealing with customers. This doesn’t apply to you.

5. Playing Along With Her Routine

Dancers have routines, just as PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) have pick up lines they use on women. The difference is, the end goal of a dancer’s routine isn’t to have sex with you; it’s to get your money. You need to break her out of this mode and get her into regular chat mode.

One of the keys to doing this is avoiding answering her questions (“What’s your name?” “where are you from?” etc). These questions are part of her sales routine—designed to fool you into thinking she’s interested in you, not your money. The typical customer will answer these questions in an attempt to impress the girl, or to try find things he has in common with her.

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