3 “Cool” Ways To Stare At A Woman You Like


When you see a beautiful lady, your first instinct is to stop and look, right? Why not? I know it’s awkward to look at a girl for too long – but this is an incredibly effective seduction technique if done correctly.

Yeah, you don’t want to get caught staring. You don’t want to offend her. Sometimes, you even imagine she can “tell what you’re thinking” and might think you only want her for her body.

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The truth is, most women can’t stand being stared at. In fact, the men who stare at them are automatically unattractive to them. However, there are a few ways you can look at a lady and get away without a scratch. In fact, you can look at any woman in these three ways and turn her ON, instead of turning her off.

You’re about to discover how to seduce her with just your eyes (you don’t even need to say a word while you’re looking.) Best of all – these seduction tips make it impossible to “get caught.”

Why Women Are Turned On By Vampires

They are masters of seduction – but why?

Have you ever owned a puppy, or knew someone who owned a puppy? Then you know how much puppies love to have their stomachs rubbed. Do you know why? Well, it’s because there are a whole bunch of nerves on a puppy’s stomach that don’t usually get touched. So a soft touch on this super sensitive part of their body makes them go wild.

How’s this relate to women? Well, the stomach is a sensitive area of YOUR body, as well. Try it out, lightly touch yourself on the stomach. You can really feel it, can’t you? Truth is, there’s another area on your body JUST as vulnerable, sensual and sensitive as your stomach. It’s your neck. The female neck is also a very SEXUAL area of her body, even more than her vagina or clitoris, because she puts perfume on it, loves getting kissed there, and makes sure it looks sexy in any dress she wears.

So what if you stared at her neck, while you two were having an intimate conversation while dating? Here’s what happens: She starts thinking about her neck. And she starts FEELING your eyes on her body. This starts to send the same emotional signals to her brain that get sent when she gets kissed on her neck.

In this respect, staring at her neck while you two are sharing an intimate moment is the same as gently kissing or nibbling on her neck and it has the same effect ON HER BODY.

So try this seduction technique. Next time there’s a two second break in your conversation, take those seconds watch the nape of her neck. She’ll get off on it. And you’ll give her an emotional experience no man she’s ever met has given her, before.

Making Eye Contact

Being able to master eye contact is absolutely critical in the art of seduction (seduction really is an art)! It builds trust, because prolonged eye contact (longer than 3 seconds) releases the bonding chemical oxytocin. And this is the same chemical released when you two are cuddling in bed after sex. It’s in much smaller quantities – of course – but it still has an amazing effect.

However, “too much” eye contact can be intimidating and down right creepy! Ever had a boss “stare you down?” It’s a miserable feeling. So what should you do with your eyes, if you’ve had “too much” eye contact? How about you turn her on?

Try this incredibly effective seduction technique next time your on a date.

Take your eyes, and lightly dart down to her lips. Just for a second. And then look at different parts of her face, like her cheeks… the corners of her eyes, her temples, and other parts of her face. Your goal is to look at any part of her face you’d like to kiss. Because, like in the example before, a strong look on a certain part of your body releases the same emotions and chemicals as a light kiss does.

So “placing” your eyes on her face like you’d place your lips will get her imagining you kissing her face. And all of the bonding emotions that releases will make your first date – or even your relationship – much, much stronger.

How To Make Awkward Pauses Sexy

What can you do when you have a few seconds without speaking when you’re dating? It’s easy – look deep into her eyes. This builds a HUGE amount of romance and sexual tension.

Most of the time, men try to “fix” an awkward pause with a joke or something to diffuse the tension. This comes across as try hard, and is never attractive to women. However, just looking into her eyes tells her you’re OK with silences. You’re OK just being yourself around her. And this is extremely attractive to women.

Imagine a girl saying, “Hey. I feel like I can be myself around you. You just make me feel comfortable.” That’s the sign you’re sending to her. And that’s the message she CRAVES when she’s dating a strong man, like you.

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