Different Pheromones And Which One Is Right For You


Pheromones can be a great way to increase your attraction level to the opposite sex, but figuring out exactly what pheromones are, what they do, how they work and how to use them can be extremely intimidating. Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds that are available and how you can use them to create the right kind of attraction between you and someone you’re interested in!


How Pheromone Products Work

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Pheromones are sex hormones that we all secrete naturally onto the skin via glands near the armpits and pubic region. Pubic and underarm hair help disperse the scent onto the skin so it is noticed by members of the opposite sex. Natural pheromones are what help two people to be attracted to each other, but it is so subtle that it is more on a subconscious level.

Synthetic pheromones claim to produce similar effects as natural ones, resulting in the sexual arousal of the opposite sex. Studies show that adding pheromones to a woman’s perfume will increase her attractiveness to the opposite sex. The study showed that 74% of women noticed an increase in frequency of kissing, heavy petting and affection, sex, sleeping next to their partner and formal dates with men when wearing pheromone products along with their normal perfume. The same study also used placebo hormones on a number of women as part of the control group. Only 23% of women with the placebo saw an increase in male affection!

Common Types Of Phermones

Androstenone – This hormone signals dominance and aggression. It creates a competitive energy and it is often associated with a sexual response, but not always and not exclusively.

Androstenol – Signals youth and sociability, talking, comfort, and friendliness. It helps ease the jitters people can have before meeting and striking up a conversation and it can be a good ice breaker. This is a great one to use when you want to be more easily approachable!

Androsterone – This hormone signals masculinity, creates an impression of reliability and protection. This is what would be considered an “alpha male” hormone and is excellent for men to use when they want to attract women.

Copulins – These are hormones that are secreted in a womans vagina during ovulation. They are designed to increase the possibility of a sexual encounter between a man and a woman during ovulation for the purpose of procreation. If a man smells copulins on a woman, she’s instantly more attractive to him because he smells the “mating” scent. Copulins increase testosterone levels in men, and will create a positive sexual response to women wearing them.

What Should You Be Looking For In A Pheromone Product?

For Men – Choose a product that incorporates both androsterone and androstenone. This will create an aura of strength, confidence and dominance, so women who are seeking an “alpha male” will instantly be attracted to you. You can also balance the two hormones with androstenol, to make you seem friendly and approachable as well.

For Women – Use pheromone products that have both copulins and androstenols. The copulins will make you instantly more attractive to men because you’re letting off the “mating scent,” and the androstenols will help make you seem more friendly and approachable to men.

Will Pheromones Always Work?

Just like any “natural” or herbal remedy, it’s going to work for some people and not others. This is because it all depends on how the products react with your individual body chemistry and how that body chemistry reacts with the chemistry of the opposite sex. The best way to find out if pheromone products will work well for you is to give them a try! Try mixing them with your favorite cologne or perfume before you go out for the night and see what happens. You may find that you are more confident and that people are more attracted to you and can approach you more easily!

What Happens When You Stop Using A Pheromone Product?

Using pheromones to help with an initial connection is a great way to utilize the products for what they are intended for. However, continuing to use them to create chemistry in a long term relationship can do more harm than good. You definitely don’t want to be carrying on a relationship with someone that is based on chemistry that isn’t really your own! If you stop using pheromones several months after you and your partner have been together, you may create a discord between the two of you that you can’t explain by any conventional means and it may even cause a break up. Stick to using pheromones for initial attraction purposes only.

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