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Flirting and communicating with women, requires you first understand the fundamentals of attraction. Without this knowledge, the flirting formula and techniques you are about to learn won’t have any significant meaning to you. So spend some time now understanding these very core concepts to use natural seduction with women.

Use Sexual Evolution To Your Advantage

Have you ever wondered why men and women choose their particular partners? Women “say” they want men who are sweet, generous and caring – but rarely do they date this type of man.

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Women stereotypically date football players, arrogant jerks and the “rebel without a cause” type. But to explain why this is so, we must first understand our instincts and how they influence our sex drive. After we understand that, everything else becomes clear.

Since the beginning of time men and women have carried out unique and completely different roles within their communities. In many primate species, 20 percent of the males mate with 80 percent of the females to make sure that the strongest genes survive. These male monkeys are also known as alpha males.

Survival Of The Fittest

This principle guarantees that only the strongest males pass on their superior genes, guaranteeing that the species continues to prosper, and to develop stronger and healthier offspring. This is why Mother Nature favors strong males, and is the reason “the hungry don’t get fed.”

So wouldn’t it be logical that you would want to display the attributes women are looking for in order to convince them that you would benefit their offspring?

A woman won’t find a man desirable because he wears nice clothes or has good looks. How would a well-dressed, handsome man benefit their offspring? When you think about it, attraction is a process that tricks a man and a woman into liking each other long enough for them to have sex.

Use Historical Perspectives

Back in primitive times the basic roles of men and women were as follows:

  • Men did the hunting, protecting and providing
  • Women did the nurturing, caring and raising of children

If men were the providers, and women were the child bearers, what differences would you expect of them?

Being the protectors, providers and hunters, men needed bigger bodies that were capable of quick bursts of energy to help them catch their prey, build shelters and protect their families from predators.

Being the nurturers and caretakers, women needed broader hips, breasts to feed their young, and slightly higher fat stores in their bodies to ensure their unborn children could survive harsh environments.

Mother Nature (or God, or however you view how life began) created men and women to be biologically and physically different and this helped to make them instinctively desire each other, and ultimately grow the population. Knowing these differences can help you become an alpha male that naturally attracts women.

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