Hot Sex And How To Get It


Seduction is an art and some say women have all the tools they need to be great at it. When it comes to sex, a woman needs to work her way inside a man’s defenses, making him susceptible to her wiles and making him hot enough to forget himself and just attack her in the most delicious way possible.

Why do women go to such lengths to seduce men? To get hot sex, of course. Here are some ways to maximize your time in the bedroom with your man and get more than just so-so sex.

Understand That What Turns Him On

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You know the old adage about women being more sensual and men being more visual? Most of the time, this “rule” applies. However, men can be extremely sensual too. Eating ice cream together and letting him lick your fingers will remind him of the things he wants to do to you. He gets turned on when you hold his hand, and when you rub some wax on his hair.

Some men need more to get aroused, and there is no fixed item or action that can make a man go wild in bed. Your best bet is to understand your man completely and figure out what floats his boat.

Men Like Erotica Too

Saying that men are only into hardcore porn is stereotypical and an affront to your man’s artistic comprehension. Erotica turns men on, but only if presented in a way that can actually turn him on. For your next sexual adventure, why not whip out your favourite erotica literature and read it to him, poetry style. It helps if you whisper the words in his ear, and lick his ear while you’re at it.

Costume Play

Most guys are into video games, or at least they were in high school and grade school. Even if they do not play as often as they used to, they’re still thrilled when you put on a sexy costume that makes them feel like they entered a role playing game of some sort. If he has other fetishes, make sure you indulge him by wearing what he likes most.

Give Him a “Free Pass” or Tie Yourself Up

If he’s particularly stressed or if you haven’t been doing anything naughty lately, it’s time to give him a way to de-stress and be his old playful self. You can tie yourself up, gift-wrap style, and present yourself as his “gift” for a job well done.

Alternatively, you can inform him that he can do anything he wants with you for one night. Ironically, offering to be his sex slave will turn him into your sex slave.

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