How Much Of A Man Are You? Your Adonis Index Defined


On your top 10 list of things that you find attractive in a woman, I’ll bet facial beauty and a nice body account for 9 of the top 10 spots…and in many cases all 10.

In fact, the vast majority of men… and that’s me included…  will probably give a bit on the face if the woman has a rockin’ body.

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Yet, in this same regard, how much will you compromise if the woman has the prettiest face you’ve ever seen… but she’s carrying 10, maybe 15lbs over your ideal?


I don’t care how pretty a woman’s face is, if it’s attached to a body more suited for a walrus, that woman is not on your radar, or any other guy that you or I know. This is the girl with the “great personality” that just so happens to be the proverbial “grenade” every night she goes out.

“Personality” never gets a woman too far if she doesn’t have the looks and the body and quite frankly, the research proves it.

So, why do you think that would be any different for guys?

There ARE differences when it comes to attraction

Well, truth be known… there ARE some differences… but they are more subtle than most guys realize.

Attracting women, and especially a hot woman with a great body requires you to know what to say, when to say it, how to move and how to act… but studies also show that being in shape helps much more than most people are giving credit for.

You can believe it or not… but the fact is… if you’re in the throws of passion with a beautiful woman and your body is built like a Greek god… she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you… period.

The truth about the way your body looks

Taking care of the way you look and more specifically the shape of your body will not only go a long way in boosting your overall attractiveness to women… it will also boost your confidence in yourself, help you carry better posture, and command respect from other men.

AND… all of this happens the very second you step foot in any room… before you utter a single word.

Can you IMAGINE a more powerful tool to have on your side?

Look, I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition game for over 10 years studying it internationally and consulting professionally. I’ve done every style of training and diet you’ve ever read about, and probably a couple dozen you couldn’t even imagine and I gotta tell you… deep down… everyone understands this… but they never talk about it.

And, quite frankly… research clearly shows that over 91% of the people that DO exercise do so in the hopes that they’ll be able to improve their sexuality and attractiveness.

So with that said I decided to find out if there WAS a measurable perfect look… and whether a new workout and nutrition program that was designed to actually shape your body into its most attractive and appealing form to women would actually be feasible.

But I already work out!

Listen, if you go to the gym on a regular basis then you’re already ahead of the game and probably understand where I am going with this.

(If you don’t then your next order of business should be getting a gym membership.)

But once you’re at the gym… do you really know what look you’re trying to build while you’re there working out?

You might think you want bigger arms, or tighter abs, maybe a more muscular chest, but do you really know how much bigger your arms should be or even if tight abs are necessary to spark subconscious physical attraction in women everywhere?

Do you need to work on your shoulders and back too?

Fact is… most guys just wing it, and figure that working out is going to make them look better… and that bigger is most certainly always better.

Quite frankly, most guys have it all wrong and I can accurately tell you there is a specific body shape and size for every guy that women will find most attractive. And, this same shape will command respect and evoke jealous responses in other men, and exert a higher level of social dominance over everyone in the room

The specific body shape I am talking about is actually measurable right down to the inch for each male body. And… the kicker is that most guys are way off when they guess at what this should be, yet it’s not as hard to achieve as you might be thinking.

If you’re going to workout (and I suggest you do) you should do it with a purpose. Building a socially dominant body that women are attracted to is a pretty good purpose in my books. That’s why I’ve spent the past year researching this.

The Adonis Index

I’ve researched the attraction response women have to different male figures and have come up with a specific number called the Adonis Index for you to use to help determine the exact shape you should be in.

“But what IS my Adonis Index?”… you might ask.

Actually, it’s quite simple really… like all great things are.

Your Adonis Index is defined as the ratio of the circumference of your shoulders… to the circumference to your waist… with an IDEAL ratio being 1.614.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  Your Adonis Index might just be the most POWERFUL number to the male physique that’s ever been revealed.

(In fact, you should go determine out your Adonis Index today… before you do anything else.)

What it really means for you

Studies prove it.  Artists and sculptors have used it.  And so should you.

Think about it.  No more worrying about your weight… it’s a crappy indicator of health and fitness anyway.

Now, you have a metric that actually MEANS something.

And… couple that with a research based male transformation program that is SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED to get you to that perfect Adonis Index ratio and you’ve now got your hands on some SERIOUS dating dynamite.

That program is known as the Adonis Effect.

After all sexual attraction stems from an age old animalistic instinct, and there is nothing more animalistic than how attracted a woman is to your body.


If you haven’t had a girl say she gets off on the look of your shoulders when you’re having sex, then you’ve got more military presses to do at the gym. If you haven’t experienced a girl who can’t keep her hands off of your arms, or chest, or any other part of your body, and even the slightest movement from you gets her hot, then you better get a new workout program.

At the core of it all we’re just animals and sexual attraction is a primal animal instinct. Society and language make it a bit of a trick but in general, confidence, body language and the way the male body looks to a woman is what gets her juices flowing.

Just think of how sexy a woman can be just by moving her body the right way.

No words need to be spoken for attraction to take place.

This same thing can happen in the opposite direction. If you don’t think girls can view guys like a piece of meat, think again!

Think of how convenient it would be for you to be able to attract a girl just based on how your body looks.

Remember, your outward appearance says a lot about your inner view of yourself… and don’t think that women aren’t aware of this.  The look of your body and the way you carry yourself is a sure sign that women pick up on before you even have a chance to say a word to them.

Your Goal:

Combine an Adonis Index influenced socially dominant body with the best techniques you can learn from the other leaders in the dating and seduction community and you will be an unstoppable, instant attraction generating machine!

Getting the proper proportions is simply a matter of applying the number one physical attraction metric for men… The Adonis Index.

To find out how to use the Adonis Index to generate subsconcious physical attraction, visit the Adonis Effect website.

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