How To Attract Women Without Saying A Word


Body language is powerful. It can say so many things even if you don’t utter a single word. You can show that you’re happy, angry, worried or surprised. It can show someone that you’re fun, confident and approachable or it can show someone that you really don’t want to be talked to right then. When dating, it’s important to make sure you’re giving off the right body language. Here’s how to use body language to attract women!


Body Language Makes Up The Majority Of Our Communication

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Believe it or not, words do not make up the majority of our communication with other people – body language does. Even when you’re talking about something to someone, if your body language is coming off as something different, the person you’re talking to is going to pay much more attention to that than the words coming out of your mouth.

When talking to women, it’s not about the pick up line or what you say, because you communicate so much more non-verbally. To successfully attract women, you want to be able to understand how people read body language and you want to make sure you’re able to use it to your advantage to convey the right message to women you’re attracted to.

Posture Is Key

Your posture is the first thing any girl is going to notice about you. Are you slumped over, looking like you’re not interested in talking to anyone and you’re hiding in your own little world, or are you standing tall, looking confident and conversing with the people around you? If you have poor posture, the first thing you want to do is consciously work on standing taller, with your shoulders back and your head up. You want to have an air of confidence about you that is immediately noticeable just by the way you carry yourself.

One good way to improve your posture is to work out regularly and strengthen your core muscles. If your core muscles are weak, they’re not going to be able to hold you up very well and you’ll be more tempted to slump over. If you work out regularly, you’re going to stand taller, walk straighter and appear more confident overall.

Make Eye Contact

Lots of guys don’t make eye contact with girls when they’re flirting simply because they’re nervous. Being nervous when talking to girls is normal, but you really want to make eye contact. There’s a reason people say that the “eyes are windows to the soul” because you can communicate so much with someone non-verbally just by looking into their eyes for a few seconds. Practice making eye contact with other people when speaking, at work or with your friends. Get comfortable looking people in the eyes in general. Then, when you meet that girl you’re really interested in, you can make eye contact with her comfortably.

Be Upbeat And Positive

Having an upbeat and positive attitude is key to attracting girls. If you’re stiff, aren’t talking to people or are being a downer, no girl is going to want to talk to you or flirt with you. However, if you’re happy, having a great conversation with those around you and look like you’re positive and confident, you’re going to draw people into your world. Girls naturally gravitate towards happy and optimistic guys, so you definitely want to be that guy.

Be An Alpha Male

Having strength and confidence usually means being an alpha male – the guy who stands out from the pack, so to speak. Being an alpha male doesn’t mean that you’re aggressive and treat women badly, it simply means being strong and confident enough to stand out from the rest of the guys around you. Ladies automatically look for the alpha male in a group of guys – so be that guy!

Portray yourself as being self-assured and having a high self esteem. Don’t be cocky, but you also don’t want to look like you’re nervous, weak or wimpy. Girls aren’t going to be attracted to you if you look like you’re a wimp who doesn’t know how to talk to a girl. An alpha male is strong, confident and sure of himself and his ability to converse with girls. He’s not afraid of making a mistake, because if he does, he’ll laugh it off. He shows confident body language and looks approachable.


Practice putting yourself out there and practice being an alpha male. Gradually build your self confidence over time and people will begin to see that change in you and begin to perceive you as the person you’re trying to be – a better, stronger, more confident you!

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